Friend has slow Lappy,what can i do to help him?

  buel 22:59 14 Nov 2009

my friend has a Sony Vaio Vista laptop (120gb hard drive, 1gb Ram and an Intel core2 cpu T5300 @1.73ghz processor) and has been complaining that it has been freezing up and is generally slow.

I used Ccleaner which found 56 registry issues which i chose the option of fixing, Malwarebytes found over 100 infected files which i erased, SuperAntiSpyware found no infections but when i chose the 'Check disk' option and restarted the laptop it took over an hour and i seen lots of messages similar to his one: 'Windows replaced bad clusters in file 17783' or 'Windows replaced bad clusters in file music/itunes/itunes2/compil-1/Godski' and it eventually started back to Vista, i want to know 2 things if i may?

1, how serious were these messages that i saw and can Windows actually repair them?
2, am i right in thinking that the clock sidebat takes up quite a bit of processor usage in Vista? If so, please can anyone recommend that i should disable it and any other things i can disable to help my friend?
Ps- i am going to recommend he buys some more Ram also.
Thank you in advance and i look forward to any help anyone can give me!

  User-1229748 23:02 14 Nov 2009

hello buel,i can answer the sidebar question with a yes,it does take alot of resources

  ArrGee 23:06 14 Nov 2009

Have you tried making any alterations in msconfig as yet?

  User-1229748 23:12 14 Nov 2009

also your friend can disable aero to make it a bit more responsive

  buel 23:23 14 Nov 2009

Hi, thanks for that Smackheadz and ArrGee, ok i shall get rid of it, is that the 'Aero interface'? and if so, how do i disable it please? An in answer to the msconfig, no i haven't yet but im actually looking forward to it (if that doesn't sound too weird? Ha ha) Any other Tips?

  User-1229748 23:30 14 Nov 2009

disable aero in vistaclick here

  ArrGee 23:34 14 Nov 2009

Also run Advanced System Care and see what pops-up : click here

  User-1229748 23:53 14 Nov 2009

in vista you could also go start-right click computer-properties-advanced sysytem settings-performance settings-and click on adjust for best performance.

  woodchip 00:03 15 Nov 2009

One of the First things I do is right click my Computer\Properties\Advanced\Custom and turn off all the bells and whistles. all the fancy scrolling and fade in out rubbish, make it lean and fast if you want a fast computer not things that have no meaning to what you are doing, or want to do

  woodchip 00:04 15 Nov 2009

Sorry thats in the performance button in Advanced

  buel 08:08 15 Nov 2009

What BRILLIANT advice i have received!! Thank you so much!!
Ps- how bad/serious were the messages i received when i did the disk check?

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