Friend has "blue lines on his screen" in dos

  Dirtbag 16:52 01 Jul 2007

Sorry for my numerous topics,but the help is apreciated.

My friend when he starts up his comp he gets some blue lines/textures on his screen after it posts. We have tried swapping ramsticks,taking one out etc. Format, reset cmos,adding fans,I replaced his board and it did the same thing.

He did buy a graphics card a while back, could this be the card,as he spent money buying a 2nd hand board he does not want t splash out on a new card for it to do the same thing. Is there a way that we can test to say "Yeah thats the g.card" or something ?

Thanks Again !

  birdface 18:10 01 Jul 2007

It could be the graphics card,have you tried Device Manager to make sure there is no drivers needing up-dating.Can you try a different monitor just to make sure it's not a monitor problem.

  Peants68 18:44 01 Jul 2007

I have an NVIDIA based MSI motherboard. Bought new ATI graphics card and received same problem with blue lines. Swopped to an NVIDIA graphics card and all was OK. Was told by PC engineer that while ATI should be compatible with NVIDIA it very often is not.

Hope this helps you. Good luck.

  woodchip 18:46 01 Jul 2007

graphics card most likly faulty but it could be the monitor, can you try the monitor with another computer?

  Dirtbag 09:20 02 Jul 2007

thanks guys, he had a 9800xt, then that started to go wrong, then he got a nvidia 7800 gs, and funnily enough he has an MSI board as well.

Im not sure if he has tried a different monitor, but I feel it is the gcard in this case.

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