Fried PSU...

  cbradley857 18:27 27 Nov 2007

After installing some RAM my PSU seems to have been fried (a pop, but no smoke).

If this has fried my motherboard is it possible that it has fried the other components too?

Also, if i have to get a new MOBO, how can i get around the problem of installing my OEM windows?

  cbradley857 18:40 27 Nov 2007

also - is there any way of telling that my MOBO's fried without actually replacing the PSU? ie, will there always be a fried capacitor etc?

  skidzy 18:45 27 Nov 2007

Ive never seen ram fry a psu,but i guess its possible.

Chances are if the psu has blown it may have taken the mobo with it.

Ive learnt the best way to test this out is to use a psu tester or borrow another working psu.

PSU tester click here
these can be found cheaper via Google.

One way around the OEM issues,and this topic gets very debatable.

If you replace the mobo like for like and use the current HDD, a simple call to Microsoft maybe needed to reactivate windows.
Some say you cannot do can,ive done this on a couple of occasions when the mobo has blown due to power surges and a lightening strike.

When buying a new mobo if indeed needed,i would go for the mobo bundle,guaranteed to work with compatible ram.

  cbradley857 18:52 27 Nov 2007

is it possible that putting the ram in wrong could fry it?

  cbradley857 18:53 27 Nov 2007

and, will it have to be the same Model of mobo?

  skidzy 18:58 27 Nov 2007

" is it possible that putting the ram in wrong could fry it "

Highly unlikely as the ram only goes in one way normally,chances are you may have pressed down to hard and cracked the mobo itself.

" and, will it have to be the same Model of mobo? "

Not really,for example if you have a Celeron/Pentium 4 socket 478 system,almost any 478 mobo will do,though this may depend on your case...again for example a micro atx or standard atx.

  cbradley857 19:08 27 Nov 2007

ok...just took a look at the computer and the ram doesnt look like it was pushed down completely on one of the sides...

  skidzy 19:16 27 Nov 2007

Double check it is clipped down both ends,but be careful how hard you press down.

If you remove the ram,post the serial number maybe a case of the wrong voltage.

Something to be aware of,not all ram is compatible with all mobo's.

Also post the motherboard make and model if possible.

  cbradley857 19:40 27 Nov 2007

yeah the ram definately wasnt in properly :(

anyway...the mobo is An ASUS K8V-MX and do you mean the serial number on the chip itself?
theres a serial number between the chips in the middle that says:


  cbradley857 19:42 27 Nov 2007

also, if i try to use another PSU on it (without the RAM) is it possible it can fry it if my motherboard is fried?

  cbradley857 20:41 29 Nov 2007

ok so it turns out it wasnt the psu that fried it seems to be the CPU as everything else is working fine (except the screen)

well, im going to get it looked at tomorrow or maybe monday - thanks for the help though

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