DerekR 20:19 08 Jun 2003

My eldest son (15 yo) has just telephoned me with an impassioned plea for help before his mother flays him alive. I wonder if any of you informed and knowledgeable kindly folks can help?

He has decided to add a new graphics card to his (virtually) new Time computer.
After inserting the card into an expansion slot and reassembling the PC, on re-boot, the CPU whizzed and whirred as normal, but the Screen remained blank.

On removal of the card, and replacing the system as was, again, on reboot, the monitor has remained blank.

Appart from the above information, I have nothing else to offer except that I did discover that he did not earth himself prior to opening up the casing and adding the card, so MY assumption is that he has added a static charge to the mother board.

Not being a computer whizz myself, I thought I would seek advice here, before ringing him back (he lives 90 miles from me) and informing him that he better pack his bags and leave home, or get the thing repired before his mother finds out!

  LastChip 20:27 08 Jun 2003

When he switched the machine on, was there any beeps? If so, how many and were they long or short?

Could he have disturbed any cables, memory or connections, when he went inside the machine?

Did he disconnect anything in order to try the new card? Maybe, something has been re-connected incorrectly or not connected at all!

  hugh-265156 20:30 08 Jun 2003

i doubt that its destroyed by static.(usually this takes time to show effects)

the wizzing is a good sign that there is power,fans etc.

try reinserting the card and making sure it is firmly in the slot(agp or pci)

make sure the monitor is connected to the graphics card.

if its an up to date card it may require extra power,make sure its hooked up to the power supply.

is there any beeps at start up?

if it still doesnt work,it could be the monitor.

try disconnecting the monitor from the card and turn the monitor on.some monitors will show a diagnostic screen when not connected.

  keith-236785 21:03 08 Jun 2003

if the computer had onboard graphics and he has installed a AGP graphic card, he will need to go into the bios and disable the onboard graphics.

silly question but has he plugged the monitor into the right connector, and has he switched the monitor back on.

  DerekR 18:57 09 Jun 2003

Thanks lads - panic is over - he rang me late on last night (bet his palms were sweating over the issue) to lets me know that he had made a mistake, had not uninstalled the on-board drivers, failed to connect a lead somewhere or other correctly, and was generally just frightened to death of the wrath of his mother!

Needless to say, my advice not to meddle with things that he knows nothing about have now been heeded (till the next time his curiosity takes over)

Thanks for bothering to take the time to post. Its appreciated.

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