Fried Laptop

  AlanHo 16:13 27 May 2010

One of my grandson's brought his dead laptop over yesterday to see whether I could get it working.

He said it had switched itself off suddenly, would not boot up and smelled "funny". I couldn't smell anything so I tried to boot it from the battery - nothing happened.

I then plugged in the power supply to try another re-boot but before I had a chance of pressing the start button I saw a whiff of smoke from the laptop side vents. There is now the unmistakable odour of frying electrical insulation.

It transpires that he has a habit of using the laptop in bed propped on the bedclothes - thus unwittingly blocking off the ventilation slots.

This is the third dead laptop that has been brought to me this year by family and friends who were ignorant of the fact that you should not prop a laptop on a soft surface like a bed or the arm of a sofa etc. for what will eventually become obvious reasons.

It might be worth reminding the kids in your family - both young and old - of such consequences.

  shellship 17:34 27 May 2010

Thanks. Have copied this to my two children whose children seem to have several laptops one way and another.

  Graham. 18:03 27 May 2010

It is possible the mains lead has been pulled, perhaps someone tripped over it. The mains socket is often mounted on the motherboard, if that is damaged it would not be worth repairing.

You have two choices: Pay about £40 to get a professional repairman to investigate, or take it apart yourself.

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