Fridays -- just go to show......

  Mango Grummit 15:59 16 May 2003

Fridays -- just go to many new users there still are. It is not just later when the "Wise Guys" turn up after the afternoon and/or/evening in the pub.

Most mornings can be fairly similar -- but only on a Friday is there a major influx of old questions. Don't know why but there it is. Any suggestions?

The REAL new users do not know the environment they are entering here and merely seek reasonable advice from other users.

PLEASE be patient and anyway there are no experts here ... just users ...... same as them.

PLEASE don't blow trumpets or ride about trampling on people with your High Horse.

Please don't knock the OS or ISP that they are using, if you cannot be positive then say nothing at all. And never say -- it must be correct because my (fully trained) son says so.

(leo49, sorry to have pinched your High Horse)

  Mango Grummit 16:05 16 May 2003

A thousand apologies...... I meant to say your High Horse joke. Sorry it makes me laugh .. subtle jokes I like.

  Zaxifone 16:06 16 May 2003

Well said Mango...


  MartinT-B 16:07 16 May 2003


Constructive advice or none at all is what we want :)


  steven_frost 16:16 16 May 2003

i have to agree i thought i was very good at pc support until i jumped in with networking now feel like a complete wally but i am thankful for the fact that i can turn to pcadvisors web site for some help from like minded people who know and at least try to understand

  leo49 17:19 16 May 2003

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,so they say - borrow away! :o)

  Djohn 17:36 16 May 2003

Thank you, you have reassured me that it's safe to carry on trying to help people.

I have of late, been under the impression that as soon as one attempts to help, but maybe has not fully grasped the question in hand, other users of the forum will spend more time establishing their credentials, making derogatory comments toward the poster and replies to same, than they do in offering more constructive advice.

As you say, people come to the forum for help with a PC problem, not to be chastised on their way of life. Regards. J.

  powerless 18:53 16 May 2003

I missed something here or what?

  spikeychris 18:58 16 May 2003

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

~ Albert Einstein

  otubby1 19:02 16 May 2003

They don't mean you. You're always pleasant and helpful, but some can be a bit kurt with their responses, and are not always helpful.

I think all Mango Grummit is trying to say is, 'remember back to when you needed help, you weren't always an expert'.

  powerless 19:06 16 May 2003


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