FreshDownload problem

  bill sykes 11:09 19 May 2003

Hi, I have just installed FreshDownload (download manager) v5.70, have 'fully integrated it into IE6 and made it the default d/l manager' as suggested.
However it does not always kick in when I do a download. For example if I download a file from The Caretaker's site the the FD dialogue box appears and it handles the d/l ok. If I try to download Opera from I get the usual Windows d/l dialogue box. Contacting Freshdevices seems to be a waste of time, so has anyone got practical experience of this software?
Many thanks

  MartinT-B 11:13 19 May 2003

Some sites don't allow a dl manager to perform the dl.

I have had sites like that using DAP and Leechget.

  Belatucadrus 11:14 19 May 2003

I get the same thing with Download express, I suspect it's something to do with how direct the connection is from the download address to the relevant button on the web page.

  Stuartli 11:33 19 May 2003

If you right click on the download required, you will bring up the menu.

Choose Download with FD or Download All with FD.

However, as MartinT-B points out, some websites won't allow use of download accelerators or, like nVidia for instance, recommend that they are disabled temporarily.

  bill sykes 11:39 19 May 2003

it's reassuring to know that the problem is not unique to my system/install and maybe not a problem at all. Thanks for the quick responses, I appreciate your help as always.
I'll move this problem to the 'no further action required' bin.

  bill sykes 23:39 19 May 2003

The situation is much improved after I unchecked the 'replace IE download dialog (IE 5.5 or higher)' box in the Integration tab (a Freshdevices recommendation by e-mail). The Opera download now works, and others I have tried.

  tristar 15:11 21 May 2003

I use win98SE with internet explorer 6, and used to use fresh download until problems occured. I read bill Sykes letter and responses but my situation is different as no sites will allow a connection - the downloader USED to work now doesn't, yet I have changed nothing, and no other manager works. I can still download files through the windows downloader, but this does not have a resume option.

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