tonyx1302 10:23 26 May 2004

I have just downloaded 'Freshdownload' on some of the forums suggestions, but could someone please explain to me how I get it to run ,what exactly does it do and how do I know when it's running?
Please keep replts as simple as poss. please

Many thanks

  Cuddles 11:12 26 May 2004

Go to click here this explains what it does, on the program itself go to help.

  spuds 11:23 26 May 2004

I used Freshdownload for quite awhile, and found it to be a very good simple to use programme.The link Cuddles as given you, should give you the information that you seek.Your question regarding 'how do I know when it's running, that's a simple answer, as a pop-up screen will present itself, when you want to download anything.

I have used other downloading agents, and I am trial running another at present, but I think you will find Freshdownload ideal to your requirements.I would further add, that the other Fresh Devices product are worth considering, especially as they are free to use.

  Stuartli 13:05 26 May 2004

Don't forget to ensure that you enable it to integrate with IE 5.5 upwards from Options>Integration tab.

I've used FreshDownload for some years - it's advert free, works smoothly and efficiently and, most importantly, is able to resume dropped downloads if the website supports the feature.

I created a FD folder on the Desktop and save all downloads to it, naming it as the Target.

I don't Open the Folder if requested and timed the runout to five seconds.

I can then install from the FD folder and also have a backup in case of future needs.

If you have XP and right click on a download, a menu comes up and from the Summary tab you can detail exactly what the file is for and its date for future reference.

I also save all these downloads to a multisession CD-R which can be used to update friends and relations' systems if necessary.

  tonyx1302 14:06 26 May 2004

Many thanks Cuddles,spuds & Stuartli for your help. I am glad you all endorse F.D'load. I will implement your suggestions. I thought your idea Stuartli about opening a desktop folder etc was spot on so thats what I will do plus I hadn't intergrated to IE5.5.
Thanks everyone

  david4637 20:29 26 May 2004

Could I please ask why do you need to integrate it into IE. Does that not make it difficult if its un-installed at some later date? Thanks David

  Stuartli 09:18 27 May 2004

It's so that when you go to a website and initiate a download (and in many cases it includes FreshDownload automatically opens and lists the download.

You then instruct FreshDownload to go ahead with the download. If you also configure it to delete the file from the list after the download is complete, it will do so.

There is a very good Help file in FreshDownload if you have any queries regarding its configuration - Start>Programs>FreshDevices>Freshdownload Help

  Stuartli 09:21 27 May 2004

FreshDownload will undertake up to three different downloads at a time but, on dialup, it is obviously a slower process; however, the overall time is probably the same as doing them individually.

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