provider 2 12:05 20 Dec 2006

I thought this might be a useful utility especially since it was recommended by "Windows XP" magazine, but I had trouble registering it. Evidently I`m not alone. Check this out click here

  Stuartli 13:17 20 Dec 2006

I use FreshDownload from Fresh Devices and not only am I able to register it in a quick and straightforward manner when necessary, it contains absolutely no advertising, malware etc.

AV programs quite often declare things as being/containing malware etc even thought it is not the case.

If you go to the Fresh Devices website you will see that FreshDiagnose equally contains no ads, spyware etc.

click here

  provider 2 15:24 20 Dec 2006

Clearly your browser can cope easily with registration requests. Through AOL, however, from FreshDiagnose I get a web page which says, "Oops, a registration error has occurred.....our system may not be compatible with certain ISP". (sic.)
"Please do not use free e-mail accounts."

  Stuartli 15:27 20 Dec 2006

I use IE and Firefox - both have been used to register FreshDownload updates in combination with a WorldOnline or Tiscali e-mail address.

  provider 2 15:28 20 Dec 2006

Neither does it help to register with them using my Yahoo e-mail account, though it can sometimes make all the difference.

  provider 2 15:37 20 Dec 2006

Having reported the problem to AOL`s Help and Support dept.(heaven help us) they said their technical dept. would have the "the matter resolved within 72 hours." That was three weeks ago but still the same problem persists.

  provider 2 14:02 21 Dec 2006

Respected Gurus,
Would you take a careful look at this document? It`s the web page that always comes up when I attempt to register FreshDiagnose using AOL and/or here
There must be a good reason behind this exclusion of AOL and free e-mail account users. Can you explain what it might be?

  provider 2 14:10 21 Dec 2006

I should add that turning off all of AOL`s spam and e-mail filters to which I have access on this pc makes not the slightest difference.

  provider 2 16:30 21 Dec 2006

"Useless tool from a suspect company" says A.o.S.DFA click here
Any comment?

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