fresh xp pro install difficulties

  Bailey08787 19:09 21 Mar 2005


i'm trying to do a fresh install of xp pro on my brothers laptop - which currently has xp home.

but it won't let me delete the existing partition, as it says it has files on it needs, and there's no space to create any new partitions.

so i'm thinking i need to create an xp pro boot disk, boot with this into dos, and then format c: from there? am i correct? if so, can you tell me how to go about doing it.


  Rayuk 19:17 21 Mar 2005

Why do you want to delete the existing partition?just format it and instal XPPro

  User-312386 19:22 21 Mar 2005

Just format the partition as Rayuk has said and install XP

  Completealias 20:29 21 Mar 2005

Boot with the xp disk and format reinstall from there you can also create any partions that you want to from there

  Bailey08787 20:42 21 Mar 2005

it won't let me install over the existing partition - it tells me files exist on the existing partition that it requires for installation - a catch 22

  jimv7 20:54 21 Mar 2005

Restart the computer, with the xp cd in, and boot from the cd, all the options to format and install will be available as Rayuk and Completealias have said.

  Bailey08787 21:01 21 Mar 2005

i have done that - and i get to the familiar blue setup screen (i have done this a trillion times on my own pc) - however, it will not let me install over the existing partition. Nor will it let me delete the existing partition. Nor is there any room to create a new partition.

  Completealias 21:14 21 Mar 2005

I take it theres nothing needed off the drive so download killdisk click here it goes onto a bootable floppy. It will completely wipe any partion info and data off the drive you should then be able to repartion format and install

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