Fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium - problem with taskbar icons

  kwil2 18:21 25 Jan 2015

Hello For the first time, I've re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). I just thought it might be a good idea to 'freshen' things up. I use a 21 inch 'LG Full HD TV' monitor. Yes that's what it says on the LG...Superb, by the way!! However, after the re-install, I've found all my icons in the Taskbarare just too big I can't remember how I managed to size them just right before. I've gone into Taskbar > Properties > Use small icons, but that makes them way too small! There seems to be no 'medium' setting. I had those icons at a nice size before the re-install and I just don't remember how I did that. My sight, by the way, is excellent!! This must be an easy tweak to this, surely?? I'd really appreciate it if someone gure could suggest a simple solution. I must be missing something really simple. Many thanks

  dangerus1 20:06 25 Jan 2015

Try "Control panel-Display-Screen resolution" Is your screen resolution set to the optimum for the monitor. Play around with the settings you can always go back to what they were.

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