Fresh Download prob's

  nick_j007 10:43 25 Jun 2004

Hello all,

I cannot seem to get this link to start downloading:
click here
Can you?
I have been speaking to HP, and they are referring me onto a phone call now to help solve it...I expect I could sort it quicker with my friends here!
I have re-installed Fresh Download so it's all as default now. I can download other files no problem BTW.

Also, a small point, but I get a very small box on my screen about 1x2 cm in size. It says "FD Bas..." It's connected to Fresh Download as you might have guessed, but seems to serve no purpose. I cannot resize it, only click the red cross to rid of it...thoughts?

Ok, hope you can solve the downloading link problem for me...



  VoG II 11:15 25 Jun 2004

Starts downloading OK here.

You do realise this is a 166 MB file?

  Belatucadrus 11:17 25 Jun 2004

I can't help with Fresh downloader, but I've just checked the link with Leechget (Largely because it integrates with firefox) click here and the download is coming in fine. I'm on dial up so forgive me if I don't download all 166Mb to test it fully.

  nick_j007 11:21 25 Jun 2004

Ok, must be me then :-(

Yes 166MB! MY HP printer has always given me a fair bit of grief and tries to reinstall itself. At least BB will make it a bit quicker!

I'll look at Leechgate then.

Thank you both very much.


  nick_j007 12:40 25 Jun 2004

Sorted it now.

Downloaded LeechGet (nice interface BTW) and it still wouldn't work. So then turned off NAV and Firewall and it will now run as expected :-)


  Stuartli 13:21 25 Jun 2004

The FDbas.. is the FD download basket.

I prefer to have an FD folder with a Desktop shortcut - after installing the downloads the FD folder's contents act as a backup (I also burned them to a multisession CD-R).

  nick_j007 18:44 02 Jul 2004

Thanks Stuartli...just saw your answer.


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