Frequent IE7 errors

  xania 21:15 03 Apr 2007

Having just installed IE7, I wonder if I am one of those for whom it is not going to work. Many sites simply report Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage> - even got this when trying to log in to this forum - although in some cases persistence pays off and, aftyer 5-6-7 attempts, I'm finally let in. Should I go back to IE6, or am I being paranoid?

  Technotiger 21:20 03 Apr 2007

Hi, I am one of those for whom IE7 refuses to cooperate - in my case it will not play News video clips from MSN, though everything else works fine - have tried many times and many ways to overcome this blip, but in the end have had to settle for IE6 for video clips and Firefox for all other internet browsing etc.

  provider 2 21:37 03 Apr 2007

Hi, unlike Techno, I`m in the IE 7 camp, but have found this site very helpful when it doesn`t work as well as it should. click here Despite the title it doen`t really have much to say about Vista though.

  Woolwell 22:28 03 Apr 2007

Most of the problems with IE 7 seem to be with add ons. You can run IE7 without any add-ons in XP by going to Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Internet explorer without add ons. Try and see if the sites that you are having problems with work then.

  birdface 22:53 03 Apr 2007

When IE7 came out at first it was reccomended that you turn your firewall off and delete or up-date any extra toolbars that you may have had before you downloaded it.I also switched my Anti-Virus off,But still had a few problems with it,Mostly with NTL because they were not prepaired for it at the time,If you decide to go back to IE6 In Add Remove tick the show up-dates at the top and it will delete the IE7 updates as well.Delete IE7 and it automatically goes back to IE6.

  xania 09:27 04 Apr 2007

Thank you for your comments


I'm a lazy bum and IE has done it for me for years. I think I might just give Firefox a go.

provider 2 - thanks - I'll read that site as I'm an XP man.

Woolwell - no add-ons and installed on a clean installation. Problem is that there's no consistency in the way IE7 works for me, but if the num ber of problems reduces...

buteman - of all else fails...

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