Frequent Crashing

  dewskit 20:51 27 Feb 2004

For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing frequent crashes with the following error message "An exception OE has occured at 0028 : C1457FDB in VxD DNSVXD (01) + 00000D2B. This was called from 0028 : C007F3F0 in VxD NDISWAN (01) + 000010A0. It may be possible to continue normally...
If I then press any key as instructed, system appears to recover, but no incoming internet bytes are received, and then it just hangs, and I have to power down to do a restart.

I raised this problem in this Forum when it first happened and can get things back to normal by getting into DOS and scanreg /sfc, but have done that three times this evening so far ...

Windows 98SE, IE6 with latest Security Update, Norton Antivirus and Firewall, with updates done every day, Adaware and Spybot both installed and updated regularly. BT ADSL USB Modem used for internet access, and this appears to be connected to the VxD NDISWAN which comes up in the error message

Any ideas how to nail this for good please?

Thanks in advance


  woodchip 20:58 27 Feb 2004

This is a inf Transport file are you on a ISDN line

  woodchip 20:59 27 Feb 2004

PS its not SCANREG/SFC its SCANREG/RESTORE or from the Run Box SFC

  dewskit 21:05 27 Feb 2004


my Internet connection is ADSL on BT Internet using an Alcatel USB Modem - looking in the Control Panel Networks it is showing NDISWAN then Alcatel Speedtouch USB Modem.

The machine is a standalone one and has never been networked


  woodchip 21:11 27 Feb 2004

Put the Windows98 disc in comp stop it running the in run box typ SFC and run it to check for corrupt files, if that does not work I would try loading 98 over the top as this will not harm your files. But if you do, make sure that all Anti Virus is disabled as Windows boots several times when loading

  woodchip 21:12 27 Feb 2004

You could also do complete Disc Scan with Scandisk

  dewskit 21:33 27 Feb 2004


After the crashes Windows has done a Diskscan before restarting - is this good enough?

Tried the SFC after going off line and diabling Norton Firewall and Virus Checker and nothing reported as being changed.

I only have system restore CD from NEC for Windows 98 (SE) can I do an installation over the top from this


  dewskit 11:16 28 Feb 2004


As the machine just kept falling over every time I went online resorted to contacting BT Support, who suggested reinstalling the Speedtouch ADSL modem drivers. thus far this seems to have worked.

Many thanks for your patient help yesterday evening


  woodchip 19:40 28 Feb 2004

You can reinstall from the Recovery Disc but you will lose you docs etc unless you make a backup to CDR

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