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Frequent crashes after installing new DDR

  Shawnr22 23:42 01 Jun 2017

Premade ASUS pc model CM1630 AMD Phenom II x4 830 Processor 2.8GHz 64-bit OS x64 based processor

Installed Corsiar Vengeance DDR3 2X 8GB sticks upping my ram from 8g to 16g system and applications are now crashing constantly during use eg: firefox, minecraft

Looking on google i found that some ram isnt plug and play and i may have to change the voltage and other things in BIOS .. i found the specifications for the newly installed ram however there seems to be no means of changing these things in my BIOS

any help with this issue would be appreciated ty =)

  wee eddie 01:40 02 Jun 2017

What steps did you take to ascertain that the RAM was suitable for your MOBO?

  Shawnr22 22:14 02 Jun 2017

I used the Crucial Scanner to see what kind of DDR i should get for my pc It said i needed ddr3 .. of course other ddr wouldnt fit anyway

Is it possible that some ddr just isnt compatible with a mobo for other reasons and is there a way to rectify the trouble im having?

thank you again for your attention to this

  q33ny 19:36 03 Jun 2017

It should work anyway. The mobo will downgrade any memory that is higher that what it can sustain. You can also change your BIOS settings to default settings but before you do that make notes of all settings especially the ones for your drives. You might not be able to boot if you have settings as AHCI and the default is IDE.

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