Frequent Blue Screen Crash - ATI Graphics Problem

  Evolution 20:58 23 Dec 2004


I've just purchased a new PC from Mesh running XP Home with Service Pack 2. Graphics are provided by an X800XT

Since purchase, I have been experiencing frequent lock ups and blue screen crashes. In each case ATI issues seem to be the cause.

I uninstalled the older drivers completely (using cat uninstaller from ATI) and installed the latest Catalyst 4.12 drivers. Still the problems occur.

Any ideas?



  VoG II 21:07 23 Dec 2004

Have you tried turning hardware acceleration down a bit?

  gudgulf 21:27 23 Dec 2004

Can you post a bit more the error messages you get,and what makes you point the finger at the ATI graphics.

If its a new pc have you contacted Mesh? I wouldn't want to give any advice which would invalidate your warranty.

  Evolution 21:42 23 Dec 2004

Blue Screen shows "atidvag"

When I submit error report, Microsoft page is returned pointing to ATI issue

Some screen lock ups result in a multi colured display of lines and blocks

Accessing the ATI control panel sometimes causes lock ups.

I'm pretty sure the graphics card is the culprit.

How do I reduce hardware accelerationon the card, as Vog suggested?



  VoG II 21:49 23 Dec 2004
  gudgulf 22:30 23 Dec 2004

If installing the latest drivers and control panel from ATI has not helped then try reinstalling the motherboard/chipset drivers (over the top of the existing ones ) and re-download and install DirectX 9.0c from click here

You should try running dxdiag (type dxdiag in the run box from the start menu) to see if there are any DirectX issues and also ,if you can access the ATI control panel have a look in "smartgart" to see if your agp settings are ok.If fast writes are enabled try disabling them (in the smartgart panel).

If all this does not work there may be an issue with the graphics card itself.

  Carpigiani 22:38 23 Dec 2004

It could also be an overheating problem.
Make sure plenty of air can get into & out of your computer.
Try temporarily running with the side off of your case to eliminate overheating as a possibility.
If overheating is the problem installing an exhaust fan underneath the graphics card would help.

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