Freezing problem - Bloke going slowly mad !!

  [email protected] 07:50 12 Jul 2004

Problem has been happening for some months, seems to be worse when on the internet, seldom happens when game playing.

The computer just freezes with no error messages and needs a hard reboot to get going again. When it starts again the computer boots normally without going through scandisk. Occurs about every couple of hours although can happen 2 or 3 times in a single hour.

PC is a 1200mhz Athlon, Jetway 663AS board, 512Mb RAM in 2 sticks, Gainward Geoforce 440mx Graphics running fully updated Xp Home.

I suspected this is was most likely a hardware problem rather than software so tried the following.

- I tried running with just one stick of memory, froze with both!

- Took out all peripherals / excess internal cards except for Hard drives and Cd's , froze again!

- Clean install of XP Home with no other software, yep froze again.

- Stuck in my old Videologic Vivid XS Graphics card, you guessed it, still freezing.

- Just got broadband so disconnected old 56k modem, yawn still freezing!

- Swapped my 1200 processor for a spare 900 I have to no avail, still freezing!

_ Bought new case with 400w PSU (old one was scabby anyway), freezing still!

The way I see it the only common denominator is the motherboard cos practically everything else has been swapped without success.

Is there anything I have missed or something else I should be trying before going to the expense of a new motherboard (if indeed I can still get a motherboard for my old processor and RAM).

I dont feel I want to go to the expense of a motherboard bundle type upgrade because 1/ The PC is fast enough for my current needs and 2/ small children and some woman who inhabit my house appear to have first call on my cash!

My sanity is wearing thin so any advice would be appreciated.

  hillybilly 07:57 12 Jul 2004

When you swapped cpu's did you swap the heatsink/fan as well if you did then it does sound like an intermittent mobo fault.

  [email protected] 07:59 12 Jul 2004

Yep I did swap the heatsink & fan - with both CPU's it seemed to be running around a reasonable 41 degrees.

  Never again 08:06 12 Jul 2004

Have you considered checking your fans or fitting another fan as your system might be overheating.

  User-312386 08:15 12 Jul 2004

have you turned "onboard graphics" off?

  [email protected] 08:18 12 Jul 2004

Sorry should have also mentioned that - Since getting the new case about 2 weeks ago, I have been running with a total of 4 fans - its still freezing and sounds like a jet taking off :-)

(I think I'm going to take the 2 noisier fans out).

  User-312386 08:20 12 Jul 2004

have you turned "onboard graphics" off?

  [email protected] 08:35 12 Jul 2004

No onboard graphics on my card.

Was running a "Creative soundblaster live" sound card & I have even taken that out and am running onboard sound in case it was the creative card - still no joy!

  [email protected] 18:18 12 Jul 2004


  [email protected] 18:26 12 Jul 2004

Any chance this could be a hard drive issue? - the drive is only about 9 months old and appears to be behaving itself otherwise.

  picklesy 18:43 12 Jul 2004

don,t know if this will help after having mobo changed my pc kept freezing.a freind had look and since i was on bb he disabled my internal modem and everything has been ok since.sorry i can,t go into any more detail as i left my freind to it he just told me that is what he had done.

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