Freezing PC...wont start,is it dead?Help please

  bof:) 17:50 29 Jan 2006

Hi all, my pc is in a converted attic which has been closed since september....I've been using the laptop downstairs.

I've just been into the attic and turned it on and absolutly nothing has happened.

So far I've changed the fuse in the power lead and tried plugging the PC into the wall socket instead of the surge protector.

The monitor is ok.

At the moment I've put a radiator close to the pc and took the side off so that it can be warmed up gently.

Does anyone know if the cold can cause this type of problem and also if warming up doesnt work, what do I try next.

many thanks,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 29 Jan 2006

Does anyone know if the cold can cause this type of problem and also if warming up doesnt work, what do I try next.

Cold can cause contacts / pins etc. to contract and give high resitance joints.

see what happens when its warmed up a little.

No sign of life i.e. no leds or fans may mean PSU has died.

  Diemmess 18:50 29 Jan 2006

Let it warm up slowly with help from a distant fan heater if you like, but DON'T switch on until it is completely free of any condensation.

If it still does't work try disconnecting everthing in turn and brush or wiping all visible contacts.
They are only low voltage and current circuits, but they are nearly all sensitive to a "clouded" high resistance joint.

  woodchip 18:54 29 Jan 2006

Try removing the battery and use on mains

  bof:) 13:35 30 Jan 2006

Hi all, I left the pc overnight with its side off and a radiator placed nearby.

I've been and tried it this morning and it booted up 1st time.

many thanks


  Diemmess 15:36 30 Jan 2006

Thinking about that problem....
Clean water (condensation) is not a good conductor, but most of what a computer does is ruled by the state of charge on numberless electrodes.

With only tiny voltages involved, it takes almost no time for a moist film to change the state. (This was possibly part of the initial switching on the Mobo and PSU)

More moisture, and a current begins to flow with all the dire possibilities of electrolysis.

  bof:) 10:58 03 Feb 2006

Hi all, update.

PC failed to start this morning so its in bits at the moment. I guess it cannot be just the cold, so I'm starting with the power supply.


  bof:) 12:40 23 May 2006

it was the PSU, put in new one and everythings ok now

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