freezing and crashing on windows ME

  ladydebs 07:40 20 Sep 2003

i am having problems with my pc, lately it has been freezing and crashing and only yesterday would not start as it said no hard drive was connected. most times it won't shut down and i have to actually switch off power. also noticed system running alot slower.

  Buachail Mór 08:35 20 Sep 2003

- try starting in safemode (press f8 at startup) and run scan disk / defrag

- the hdd may be in need of some tidying up / repair.

- try uninstalling any software you don't use anymore as well as emptying temp internet files/ other temp files. do this before defragging

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:43 20 Sep 2003

Usually, in these cases, a reformat is in order. I would check all the internal connections to see if anything is loose and also check that the fan is working. Check that all the vents are clear and liberal use of a vacuum cleaner inside the case is a good idea.

You can do as Buachail Mór suggests but I would prepare for a re-install of the operating system. It is very easy and post here for excellent advice. and stp-by-step guides.


  taffyal 14:33 21 Sep 2003

regularly, I can be doing anything, on or off line, & suddenly the pointer stops &refuses to move. I have to restart umpteen times a day. I changed from aol to tiscali, but its just as bad. I've defragged etc, but it continues to do it. The pc is 6weeks old. I took it back to the shop, but of course, it worked perfect there, & the guy could find nothing wrong. Any ideas, please?

  expertec 15:12 21 Sep 2003

taffyal, is your PC connected directly to a wall socket or is it on an extension lead?

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