SSC 21:02 07 Mar 2003

Hi all
I know this is a bit vague but its driving me nuts. Computer is 3 months old.Spec - Athlon 2000+, 512 meg ram, 80 gig HD, Creative 5.1 sound card and GeForce Ti4200 Video all running with Xp Home.
After the first month I started to get the occassional freeze up when running programs. No consistent pattern as to program or task. Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect, the only answer is to reset and allow a reboot.

It has gradually got worse and this same problem is now happening several times a day and is becoming a real pain.Its not as if I am even pushing it hard when it happens by running fast games. Sometimes it will even do it when cutting and pasting in Word!

I am assuming that it may be caused by some sort of conflict with running tasks/programs but how do I find out. Is there any way of testing the whole system to find out.

I have checked system info and no hardware conflict so I presume it is software.I cannot tie in the start of the problem with installation of a particular program

When not frozen the computer behaves perfectly,runs multiple programs without bother and is fast and responsive.

I have tried systems restores to various points without any difference.

Do I have any alternative but to format and re-install Xp and all my programs ? I am loath to do that unless I absolutely have to.

  bremner 21:12 07 Mar 2003

Have you considered whather there is sufficient cooling for the CPU and / or Graphics Card. Over heating can cause freezing.

  SSC 21:24 07 Mar 2003

I have checked the temps. Motherboard 37c and CPU 57c. Not sure but I think thats okay. I have no way of checking Graphics card cpu for temp but the card fan is running okay.

  bremner 21:27 07 Mar 2003

Those temps don't indicate a problem. and if the fan is running and there is reasonable circulation around the card that should be ok.

I remember having an old card that I placed in the middle of five PCI slots and that caused the screen to freeze as the air circulation was poor because of the other cards. Moved it to the bottom slot, better circulation and no problems.

  SSC 21:32 07 Mar 2003

thanks for the advice so far. I have just rememberd something I left off the original query - Often the freeze is acompanies by a beeping sound like scrambled morse code emited either/both by the main speakers or the speaker on the MB. Sort of BIOS beeping .
Does that give you any more ideas ?

Keep them coming everyone. All suggestioms welcome

  powerless 21:37 07 Mar 2003

Those temps are "ok".

If your sure its software...

You have do the process of elimination thing.

Go to > Start > Run > Type: MSCONFIG > Click "ok" > Startup > Now those things you see are programs that are set to load when the computer starts. Take the ticks out of the boxes and reboot. Do something ummm surf the internet and if the computer freezes then its not the programs at startup causing the problem. If the commputer does not freeze then its one those things. Put a tick back in the box; in one only, then rebbot repeat this each time and eventually you'll find the culprit.

Also go to > Start > Control Panel > Amdminstrative Tools > Event Viewer > Look at the "Applcation" and "System" logs For "ERROR", click the log and within the log should be a link to the MS website where a description of the problem and possible fix maybe waiting.

Also pop your XP CD into the CD Drive > go to > Start > Run > Type:


click "ok"

Let it do what it does...see if that helps it.

Failing that do a REAPIR of XP. This will rewrite the XP files but your own files will remain...

Set the computer to BOOT from the CD and stick your XP CD in the CD drive and when your asked choose the repair option on the windows setup...

Then a format maybe the only way out of it. If you do a format install one thing at a time. If the computer freezes you know the cause.

  SSC 21:50 07 Mar 2003

1.Have checked startup and have 34 items listed. Can I uncheck them all or are some essential in running windows. I will start working my way down the list after unchecking them all.

2. Can't make head nor tail of the error logs but will try allowing them to connect to MS for advice files.

3. Have already tried scannow late last week. It seemed to help for a short while. only had one freeze that day but it didn't last
4. I haven't tried a 'repair' of windows as I wasn't sure how to do it. Will give that a try if the startup option 1. above doesn't work. Is it as simple as you say - just insert the XP disc in the d drive and choose repair ?

thanks again.

  SSC 22:59 07 Mar 2003


  powerless 23:08 07 Mar 2003

It's difficult to say if you should disable them all as i dont know what you have on your computer.

If you click here and just do the cross referencing thing eventually you'll have none of them ticked. If that link says that its ok then go ahead and disable.

As your just testing, just be brave and disbale them all...Then type a story in word just to see if it freezes. If you have any problems just pop all the ticks back in the boxes.

To repair XP pop the CD in you drive and restart your computer. When the computer is restarting press the delete key a few times and then you'll be in the BIOS within there look for BOOT SEQUENCE or BOOT and set it so only the CD ROM is on BOOT. Save those changes...

When the computer is starting let windows take over for a few minutes. Then you'll be given n option to repair the installation of windows that you currently have on your computer. Just follow the instructions and then it will repair.

  SSC 11:15 08 Mar 2003

Thanks all. Haven't had time to try everything yet but will mark as resolved 'for now'

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