Bongo Bill 20:47 24 Apr 2006

I've got a problem with my computer that is steadily getting worse.Sometimes the computer will freeze up when I try to open an application or log on to the net. It can also happen when I try to print. To overcome this I press ctrl, alt, del. This works and the application opens, prints etc. It's getting to the stage where it's now happening about 95% of the time. My virus and spyware software are up to date. I run them every day and get rid of anything they find.
I've not installed any new software recently (except for Norton Ghost. This has been taken off as it was causing problems). I'm running Win XP, 512megs of ram.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at the end of my tether.Many Thanks Nick

  woodchip 21:00 24 Apr 2006

If you have had the computer for a while, think of giving it a good clean inside Fans and heatsink. Also Try comp with side off of computer

  citadel 21:10 24 Apr 2006

If there are no error messages it could be yhe psu.

  skidzy 21:15 24 Apr 2006

Is it possible your Ram is failing you ?

Maybe replacing the ram with another to see if you get the same problems.

How about your startup programs,maybe reducing them to just your Av and Firewall and any other nessecities you need.This may help click here

Also you say this xp sp2,if not,i would recommend you download sp2.

Just a few ideas,hope this helps.

  phono 21:46 24 Apr 2006

Does your PC run okay in safe mode? At boot time keep tapping the F8 key then choose the safe mode option, see if the PC misbehaves now.

If you suspect RAM download Memtest86 from click here run it to create a bootable floppy, shut down the PC then let it boot from the newly created floppy and test your RAM.

As others suggest, check heatsink isn't clogged with dust, all fans are running properly, check the PSU, if possible and carry out a full virus check and spyware scan in safe mode if possible.

  moorie 19:00 25 Apr 2006

hi i recently had this problem replaced the ram but this wasnt the problem in my case as the pc continued to freeze,the problem was the display card it had packed up,working intermittently for periods but eventually freezing,on examining the card it had a built in fan and become clogged up and stopped working replaaced the card and everything ok

  Bongo Bill 20:39 25 Apr 2006

Thanks for the rapid replies. I cleaned the cooling fan and renewed the contact paste. Took the ram out and installed it in another connector. Nothing! The computor won't even boot up. I've checked for loose connections, checked the processor is in properly. The cooling fan runs but it just won't boot up. This tells me that the processor is faulty as it is not going through the 'POST' as I get nothing on the screen. Perhaps this was the fault and me touching it has only made things worse. Should I bite the bullet and install a new mother board and processor? If so, do I go down the AMD route or the Intel route.
Once again thanks the the rapid responses.

  woodchip 21:16 25 Apr 2006

Put the memory back in the original slot

  Bongo Bill 22:01 25 Apr 2006

I did do that but still no good.

  woodchip 22:41 25 Apr 2006

Before you go spending willy nilly. Try a new or spare PSU

  Bongo Bill 19:02 26 Apr 2006

I've checked the voltages on the multi-plug from the PSU to the board and all the voltages are correct. I even checked the voltages to the drives and they are also correct.
What do you think, board and processor?

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