Freezes when using slideshow as screensaver

  robinmoscow 22:17 26 Oct 2005

My computer running XP Home freezes around every 4 hours and has to be rebooted. This happens when using my pictures slideshow as screensaver. Erors in event log are usually 28 - WinMgmt, 1802 or 1806 - Security Center. What should I do? Thanks in advance. Robin

  gourmand 23:08 26 Oct 2005

I am not sure about the error codes but it may be that the pictures you are using in your slideshow are high resolution and taking up too much of your memory, i don't know how much memory you have but it is possible that this may be the problem.

  robinmoscow 08:28 27 Oct 2005

Gourmand - many thanks for your answer. I have 512RAM - is that the relevant memory? Other than increase it, is ther anything else you think I should try?

  jack 09:02 27 Oct 2005

A slide show uses a great deal of resources
Think about how a slide show works- The system has to work hard to generate -The Movie- for that is what it is not much left for the real business.

  gourmand 23:00 27 Oct 2005

yes, that is correct, if you import pictures for your slideshow without first reducing them they can be huge files and require a lot of memory (RAM). You will need to reduce the size of the files (pictures), try reducing the pictures by 50% in size (pixels) and see what difference that makes. You might like to backup the pictures before you reduce them though if they are important (ie burn them on to a cd or copy them to another file) as the quality will not be as good.

  robinmoscow 10:21 28 Oct 2005

many thanks for your suggestions. On the other hand, I have the slideshow screensaver working perfectly on a laptop, Pentium 3 with 256MB of RAM. my desktop, with 2.8GHz and 512 should be able to cope. I'd rather fix the problem before I reduce the quality of my pics!

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