freezes on first screen

  cagey 12:12 14 Aug 2006

When I switch on my computer, it freezes on the company logo screen "Winfast". If I unplug all USB devices including mouse and ADSL modem it works OK and I can then plug in all USB devices and continue as normal. Suggestions please?

  xania 13:50 14 Aug 2006

I would think that you are experiencing a problem with your USB hub driver. Try deleting and reinstalling. How long has this been going on? What OS?

  cagey 13:57 14 Aug 2006

I experienced it shortly after I built my system from a barebone package from Novatech about 15 months ago, but then it disappeared but has just recently returned. I am running Win XP pro SP2. I have tried with the USB plugged into both front and rear sockets (not via a hub)with same results.

  cagey 16:40 14 Aug 2006

Can anyone help please? Is there a way of removing the "Winfast" logo? I've looked in the bios setup but couldn't see anything linking it.

  cagey 18:57 14 Aug 2006

Any help would be very much appreciated

  andrew-196854 19:11 14 Aug 2006

does this happen in safe mode by tapping f5 on start up ? have you checked on what is the boot up order ? ie hard drive 1st then cd rom etc is usb in there only an idea

  cagey 19:29 14 Aug 2006

dibblydufuss-- As it freezes on the "Winfast" logo screen as soon I turn on the power, I don't get the chance to enter Safe mode (I have to tap F8 not F5 to get those options). My boot up order is 1. Floppy, 2.HDD, 3. CD.

  andrew-196854 19:29 14 Aug 2006

sorry its f8 my mistake

  cagey 19:44 14 Aug 2006

As I explained as soon as I turn on the power I get an orange coloured screen with the logo "Winfast" across the centre of the screen and not the usual screen displaying, Bios make, memory test, Hdd details etc. I'm sure there must be some way of getting rid of the orange screen that I get on power up. But I would prefer to find out why this screen freezes as I explained in my original posting?

  Gongoozler 19:51 14 Aug 2006

Is Winfast your graphics card? If i'm right, then I suspect that the graphics driver is corrupted. try uninstalling it and reinstalling the driver, preferably an updated version.

  andrew-196854 20:06 14 Aug 2006

do you know the make and model of your pc then as you have not said?

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