podlod 09:10 20 Jul 2007

Hi there, I have an anti virus system being Bitdefender and once a week I run it on full aggresive for any viruses etc, and sometimes it stops and traps trojan viruses etc and places them in a chest. The problem is 2 or 3 times a week my computer when im working on something or I am playing a game just freezes ( crashes ), and I have to shut my PC down and restart or reboot. When it starts up again ( and sometimes it wont start as I have to go into safe mode and go to restore to an earlier time to get it started )it normaly works ok. Is this a virus thats doing this or something I do not know about. Any help would be grateful, thanks

  birdface 09:19 20 Jul 2007

Go into Task Manager.[Right click bottom taskbar ,Task Manager.Processes.And under Cpu is there any other program except for System Idle Process[should show about 96%] using a lot of the Cpu

  birdface 09:24 20 Jul 2007

You could try downloading A Squared,click here Make sure that it is fully up-dated before you use it.

  birdface 09:26 20 Jul 2007

I should have said.Run it on deep scan. it takes a while ,so have a cuppa.

  podlod 11:43 20 Jul 2007

Hi Bute man, I tried task manager and it said my processes are 50, and my CPU is 0 or 1% , dont know if this is right or wrong?
What do I do if this is wrong? thanks for your help.
The website to download said various things, and I dont exactly know what A squared to download ?Again thanks for any help.

  birdface 13:50 20 Jul 2007

What processes are running.Under Psu it gives a percentage.What programs are using a high percentage. Example[svchost.exe]or maybe[explorer.exe]Like I said if you have nothing running, system idle process should be running around 96%.And just scroll down until you see Download A Squared free for private use, And download it.

  podlod 11:13 21 Jul 2007

Hi again Buteman, I looked at all the processes are running and they all said 0, but at the very bottom the last one it says `System idle process 99`
Is this ok? All the processes are in abbreviation, how can I find out what they all are?

  birdface 12:52 21 Jul 2007

No .Its Ok ,If system idle process is showing 99% you have nothing running that should not be.Check that all your air vents at the back of computer are not clogged up with dust or fluff.If so you may need to open the computer and give the inside a quick clean,especially the fans.A soft hair brush and hoover with plastic fitting is what I use,Make sure the power is disconected first.

  podlod 10:00 22 Jul 2007

Thanks Buteman for your help, I have completed the dust removal task before and it still does the same. Would it be wise to still download the website you suggested ,and have you anymore ideas about my prob?

  podlod 09:54 25 Jul 2007

Hi Marg7, I have downloaded the memory diagnostic but when I put in my floppy or cd , it keeps saying ` Device write error ` and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong ?

  podlod 11:45 26 Jul 2007

Hi again Marg 7, I have tried a floppy and CD blank and not blank, formatted and non formatted, but it says the same?
Floppy being a MF and 10 MFD 2HD Dos preformatted, and CD 700MB RW multispeed.

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