Freeze and Restart when PC Gaming

  CallumFriend 10:55 12 Sep 2015

So basically over the past couple of weeks my computer has been freezing and restarting without warning. This does not seem to be a BSOD, as I've had trouble with one before and that used to stay on the screen until I restarted: this automatically restarts.

First I thought it was random, but all of about 7 times now have been whilst playing various games on Steam. Each time also seemed to be in response to an action within the game: I click on something in the menu - freeze and restart; I get killed in-game - freeze and restart.

My computer is powerful enough to run all the games I have on full graphics setting and I have never had any trouble like this before; it is recent and has only started within the last couple of weeks or so.

Others I have spoken to have suggested that it is something to do with my graphics card or my power supply and that seems to be about right because last time this happened, it actually came up with a message from the task bar saying that my graphics card had recovered from the problem... and then it crashed anyway.

Any way of knowing for what the problem is for certain - diagnostic tests or something? And then what would I do to solve this?

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