freeze-up on emails

  [DELETED] 13:34 08 Jun 2006

Can someone please explain why when I write emails that after one or two setences the computer freezes and I have to switch off because Alt- ctrl-delete doesn't close the computer. On Google and browsing this problem doesn't occur. It used to be that the email was "timed out" and sent to Drafts. Now that doesn't happen. Is it an ISP problem or my computer. I run windows 98se. Please don't go into heavy computerese as being a Silvesurfer it can leave me feeling stunned. Thanks in anticipation of an answer.

  johndrew 15:14 08 Jun 2006

Does it still `freeze` if you write your e-mails offline? If not then it could be something with your ISP if it does then it is a problem with OE (I presume you are using Outlook).

Either way if you try this it will help isolate the problem then you can come back with a bit more information.

  wee eddie 15:22 08 Jun 2006

I assume that you have a WordProsessor of some kind.

Why not write your mails "of-line".

e.g. Write them in Word or NotePad > Highlight the Text you have just written > Right Click > Copy it > Then, go back "On-line" > start an e-mail > Right Click the Text area > Paste your Text into it > Then Send it.

  [DELETED] 13:10 10 Jun 2006

Many thanks for your help but when reading your replies it siezed again. I sent an email to a friend using the off line method as suggested and by phone he said he'd replied to it but I don't know where it is. When I highlighted and right clicked I didn't get copy and paste but when I clicked File it gave a list of things and one was "send to" so I clicked that and he received it but I couldn't find his reply either on my emails or on Outlook.Sometimes I get two browsers maybe that's the problem or me or this computer. Any more ideas please.

  wee eddie 13:27 10 Jun 2006

Back to Basics:

What type of PC are you running?

What OS?

What ISP?

What AV & Firewall?

What Software, a short list of major items is all that is necessary?

  wee eddie 14:45 10 Jun 2006

So! Did you solve it?


  wee eddie 15:13 15 Jun 2006

Date: Tue, 13/06/2006 | 14:04


I get a message sometimes that I must be logged onto another browser but not how to get rid of it. Sometimes the computer freezes on any program that I try to use. Even this one when I tried to answer you a couple of days ago. I sent an email to a friend via Word which couldn't be copy/pasted but on clicking File there's a Send item so I did and he got it and replied but I have no idea where it went. At my age I think this computing lark is rapidly becoming a dead duck. But I'll keep trying with help from good people like yourself. Michael M


Win 98Se intel pent 4 2.4gz 8Lilobyte memory cache 512 kb secondary memory cache Drives 80 g/b usable drive 72.37 free space Sony cd-rom drive Modem standard 56000 bps V90 and standard 56000bps V90#2. Why 2 modems when I only have the one. AVG full paid up antivirus but I also pay for Norton to Tiscali of £2 per month. I deleted it but could it be hiding somewhere causing problems.

  wee eddie 15:15 15 Jun 2006

Date: Thu, 15/06/2006 | 09:04


Eddie, Everything freezes now on this machine. I think it's had it. Thanks for help. Michael M.


98SEIntel 2.4ghz 8 kilobyte 512 memory cache72 g/bytes free plus program too nunerous to list. I will delete lots and start over. Modemen standard 56000 bps V90 but also for some reason same again with#2 added AVG full antivirus

  wee eddie 15:20 15 Jun 2006

Question 1: Are you familiar with making back-ups?

Question 2: Do you have the "Restore Disk" or a Full copy of Windows?

Question 3: Do you know where you can download all th updates for W98se?

Extra: Round here you only qualify as a Silver Surfer if you've had your Telegram from the Queen!

  [DELETED] 22:32 15 Jun 2006

Eddie, Many many thanks for your replies.
I'm not familiar with Backing Up progs.
I have a 98Se program disc. Don't know how to download updates for 98Se unless you mean Microsoft downloads that they always say are Urgent. I would like to add that you are giving me hope with this computer. I have a Belarc program that gives me all items on my computer. Maybe I should delete some progs. Please advise on deleting Favourites as I seem to have a lot. Don't ask me why I seem to do this so now I will start deleting things. Again Many thanks and for giving me hope and help. Kind Regards Michael M.

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