Freeware video editing.

  wolfie3000 12:07 26 Apr 2006

Hey all anyone know where i can download some freeware video editing software?

I know i have windows movie maker but for some reason it crashes every 2 minutes.

I have tryed abc video roll and found it useless for my needs.

Im after something that can add titles and credits and can import sound onto the video.

Nothing to fancy all i need to do is make a presentation of a few halo maps iv made and be able to add commentry to it.

The files formats i will be using are avi, mpeg, wav and mp3.

I know i can download stuff like ulead video editing on a 30 day trial but i will want to use the software for a least a couple of months hence freeware.

  martjc 12:23 26 Apr 2006

There will be more and they deserve at least a glance.

Good luck!

  wolfie3000 12:26 26 Apr 2006

Cheers Martjcv i will give em a go but im more after reccomendations iv seen some freeware editing programs but am never sure how good they will be and i dont want to be downloading 4 or 5 programs just to see if they suite my needs.

  Starfox 12:34 26 Apr 2006

Try this woolfie - click here

  wolfie3000 12:55 26 Apr 2006

Well Starfox theres a few things putting me off that program,

Heres a quote from a reviewer of the program

"Horrible layout, hard to use, resource hog. Perhaps the effects are interesting, but the layout and the complexity of the program make it hard to use for fast, everyday jobs."

the program does look hard to use so its no use for my work i need something simple.

Even the description uses the word composite alot and i dont have a clue what that is. lol

All i want is something easy to use and simple.

  Smiler 13:17 26 Apr 2006

"Even the description uses the word composite alot and i dont have a clue what that is."


The combining of distinct parts or elements to form a whole.
The manner in which such parts are combined or related.
General makeup: the changing composition of the electorate.
The result or product of composing; a mixture or compound.

A Composite would be the result of a composition

  wolfie3000 13:19 26 Apr 2006

WOW!!! thanks smiler,

Just what i needed thanks now i know ;)

  Belatucadrus 15:15 26 Apr 2006

click here Avid free
click here ZweiStein 4

  GroupFC 15:38 26 Apr 2006

I think that for what you want to do MM2 is the way to go - but I understand that you have problems with it crashing (for which MM has something of a reputation!).

Are you using MM 2.0 or 2.1 (which was updated with XP SP2)? What are you trying to do in MM when it crashes (or is it random)? What size is your RAM?

The reason I ask these is that I used to get a lot of crashes when using MM 2.0 mainly when trying to add certain transitions (with only 256mb RAM and pre SP2), but since sorting these two items out MM has behaved itself (rapidly touches wood!).

Have you had a trawl through here click here to see if you can fix MM?
to see if o

  wolfie3000 21:55 26 Apr 2006


cheers for that will be checking out the links as soon as possible

Group FC

Well i have given up with MM2 its too damm annoying and i spent hours trying to get it to work.

  wolfie3000 00:33 27 Apr 2006

avivfree well what can i say after giving my life history to register for the download then having to wait for an e-mail for an unlocking code.

I loaded it up then i had to register again then it loaded and gave me endless popups about buying the software,

then connected to the internet and loaded up a webpage asking if i wanted to buy it,

when i figured out how to import video it crashed so i tryed again and got the same popups and decided to crash once again when i imported a video,

Im conclusion i cant say how much i hate that software im fuming at the moment if i was to truely say what i thought of the software i would be banned.

So can anyone help me with the original post?

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