freeware for recovery deleted OEX items

  newearwax 11:30 28 Nov 2005

Is there any effective freeware out there for recovery of the occasional message that has been delted and also removed from the delted items folder?

  Chegs ®™ 11:39 28 Nov 2005

click here

I presume your wanting to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express,so you need to set whichever recovery app you choose to look for .dbx extentions.

  newearwax 16:19 28 Nov 2005

Thanks for suggestion. I have instslled the prog but dinf that the first stage <retriving existing files and directories. thakes an in ordinate time. Presumably I have to go through that and cannot see how not. You mention seraching for dbx files; I suppose that comes in a later stage but the blurb on the download site did not appear to list dbx. Sometimes I think myslef a dimbo but as in much computer help, the offering is written by folk who can't put themselves in the position of the non expert.

So if you or anyon else can give more guidance I will be most grateful.

  Chegs ®™ 17:02 28 Nov 2005

click here

Sorry,been busy elsewhere.I have not used PC Inspector since it took a dislike to my PC and crashed repeatedly.I eventually bought "File Scavanger" which I find absolutely brilliant as it recovered 99% of my files after a catastrophic screwup by me that deleted all my partitions and data totalling 70+ Gbs in all. ;-)

  newearwax 22:36 28 Nov 2005

I have used the scavenfer and it found plenty of dbx folders but I caanot find a way to open them to view messages within.


  DieSse 00:11 29 Nov 2005

File recovery programs will not find deleted email messages - as they are not files.

All you (say) Inbox messages are hld in a single database file called inbox.dbx. When you delete a message, it stays in the inbox.dbx file, but the index file which holds a list of which messages arecurrent, is updated (it's taken out of the list of active messages, not out of the message file.)

So sometimes you can see deleted messages merel by looking at the dbx file with a text editor (Wordpad, for instance). It's a bit messy but they can be found.

The problem comes when a cleanup is done on the dbx file. This really does remove all the "dead" messages, rebuilds the database, and resets the index file. The emails will never be seen after a database rebuild.

So all you can do is look at indox.dbx and deleted.dbx with a text editor, and see if the emails you need can be spotted inside the surrounding data. If they can't then there's no technique that will bring them back.

dbx files are only designed to be opened by outlook express - or certain other utility programs for email recovery from corrupted databases. They can in some circumstances also recover delewted emails. If you want to try that click here

click here

click here

and more if you do a google search.

  GroupFC 09:05 29 Nov 2005

If you just want to read the messages in the .dbx files you can get MiTeC OE Viewer 1.2 from click here

if you go to the OE Reader on this link and then click on "more info" and then scroll right to the bottom of the page this will take you to the link to d/load the software.

Of course, this will only be of use if the messages have not been completely deleted but at least you will be able to have a look at the relevant .dbx message files to see!!


  newearwax 17:32 29 Nov 2005

As soon as I selrcted the dbx folder I got a *rec crsoo* ,access violation. warning which I xloswd and the hour glass came up telling me that the files were being loaded from the chosen source;it was syill at it teo hours on!

All the utilities seem difficult to use so I'll have to be more careful. Are there any tips out there to avoid frustration and pain; are other email programs kinder when it comes to recovery of deleted messages?

  newearwax 13:16 01 Dec 2005


  GroupFC 14:07 01 Dec 2005

Sorry I don't know why you should have a problem with OE viewer. I have just d/loaded it and had no problem opening copies of my message .dbx files (which I had copied to my desktop).

What o/s are you using? (Not that it should make any difference - it's just that I am more familiar with XP).

Have you tried doing a search for the .dbx files (you may need to ensure show hidden files is enabled)?

  newearwax 17:09 04 Dec 2005

Sorry for delay in replying. I tried again, this time without saving the resulta of the search to removeable media, and it worked. However I did not finf the messages I wa seeking. THe progam aslo told me that the dbxa saved to the removeable disk had been corrupted and thus unreadable.

BTW and FWW I am using XP and thanks for help.

In passing does nay one know how Thunderbird stores messages or deals with deleted items? Are the deletes that have gone from the equivalent to the OEx Deleted items folder recoverable in much the same way as a normal file would be?

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