Freeware MP3 Editors

  Pesala 09:14 25 Apr 2003

I downloaded and used MP3Directcut 1.3 to amplify some MP3 talks and edit the Track details. It worked fine for me, but after reading this review click here I wondered whether they might be something a bit better available.

My expectations are modest. All I need is something that will amplify and edit MP3 files without increasing the file size. If it can reduce file sizes a bit, and convert from other audio files that will be a bonus. For recording I use Audacity, but that hugely increases file sizes on exporting.

  -pops- 09:23 25 Apr 2003

Enter mp3 in the search engine here. There are loads of entries (three pages of lists).

I recall someone posting lists of quite a number of mp3 converters. Think it was €dstow.


  Pesala 09:29 25 Apr 2003

What I need is some recommendations, not a three page list of programs to check out for myself.

  smcarlsen 09:57 25 Apr 2003

I did what Brian suggested and found loads of recommendations.

  Pesala 10:13 25 Apr 2003

There are loads of MP3 editors to choose from. Without taking a look at each link, one would not know if they are freeware, shareware, good, bad, or indifferent.

A review article of several editors might be useful.

  smcarlsen 10:21 25 Apr 2003

Are you just requiring the advise of one person's opinion rather than making the deciding choice yourself?

  -pops- 11:03 25 Apr 2003

I'm sorry you have taken such a bitter attitude to my post.

I sent it in good faith to remind you of the search facility to enable you search out previous threads that cover the subject you are enquiring about, thus saving repetition of things that have been very amply covered in the past.

I shall be very careful not to respond to any of your posts in the future.


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