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  TheTerminator 20:13 27 Sep 2003

Hi there: Am a teacher, and am wondering if any of you know a freeware program that can take an image and convert it into an online jigsaw puzzle?
There are numerous benefits to pupils, but I am reluctant to pay for software when good free software is available.
The only things I would need to do are: have some control over the number of pieces in the puzzle and if poosible the shapes of the pieces created.

For an example of what I would like to recreate, look at either or (then under jigsaws).

Many Thanks!

  mark500 20:18 27 Sep 2003
  TheTerminator 20:36 27 Sep 2003

Mark: This looks like the puppy. It seems ideal, so many thanks for your exhaustive trawling of the web to unearth such a gem.
The terminator - off to save my election campaign in california

  mark500 21:52 27 Sep 2003

But!! You'll Be Back ;o))

  AubreyS 22:12 27 Sep 2003

click here This one of many available. Just go to Google and type in

"online jigsaw puzzles"

Include quotes.

  TheTerminator 23:04 27 Sep 2003

and i am in a bad mood!
Not really, just a further question.

AubreyS: cheers for your suggestion, but I am after a creator rather than an online player; a prog which can create jigsaws out of pictures rather than preset pictures. I have spent a number of dinner times on jigzone - a superb time killer!

Mark: if i can ask you another question, do you know of any jigsaw program which can run as a standalone program, rather than the splendid link you gave me which i have to install? Ultimately I am hoping for a final activity to a lesson being a jigsaw of say a computer, with labelled parts which pupils have to assemble, which will give them fun and they will be learning at the same time. It's amazing how they respond to "games"...
I would be loathe to install the kraisoft prog on all 100 computers we have, but i will if necessary.

So I am looking for a shockwave (?) style prog which would only have one picture in which could run from the internet...

Does this make sense?

  bowman 23:21 27 Sep 2003

TheTerminator, this maybe worth a look?...

Jigsaw Maker.......

click here

"Make your own 15 and 24 piece jigsaws from the 10 pictures provided or from your own on your computer"

Hope this helps.

  MAJ 23:55 27 Sep 2003

Excellent find, mate, that'll keep the kids quiet for hours. :-)

  MAJ 00:07 28 Sep 2003

And yours also, bowman. I might play myself. :-)

  mark500 00:46 28 Sep 2003

click here

I get all my free games for my kids from here.

  MAJ 00:56 28 Sep 2003

PS. I'm still playing with the jigsaw one. :0

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