harry_kel 20:46 08 Feb 2004

First can anyone suggest a FREE PROGRAM to help me costruct my web site. Second,I have a very good FREE HOST: and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a host!!

  Pesala 20:51 08 Feb 2004

This thread click here is just one of several on that topic.

  MIke 20:52 08 Feb 2004

If you got an old cover disc with Internet Explorer 4 on it you can extract Frontpage Express Instructions here click here

  jgosden 21:21 08 Feb 2004

netfirms is annoyin they put ads everywhere, unless you want to use the cgi-bin (and that times out every minute or so) its a bit rubbish...

try this...

click here

or this

click here

for webpage maker if you can use HTML then
click here has an excellent editor,.... if not then on a randomn google i found this..

click here

wacking my memory i actually remember coming across it sometime and will probably do what your after...


  spuds 23:08 08 Feb 2004
  harry_kel 23:17 08 Feb 2004

A number of the "links" that you suggested, just plain did not work!!Ror the rest, thank you, again!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:24 09 Feb 2004

All the links do work.


  Stuartli 09:09 09 Feb 2004

If you haven't actually constructed your website yet how do you know that netfirms is so commendable?

  spuds 10:57 09 Feb 2004

Nothing wrong with the links,they all seem to work without any problems.Why suggest/advertise, if you want to construct a site!.

  jgosden 13:35 09 Feb 2004

all my links worked, i really would NOT recomennd netfirms. I HAVE used them because i wanted to use the cgi-bin however was irritatted by the amount of ads, and that all scripts constantky time out. If you REALLy wanrt to use netfirms then thats up to you however for a begginer the other to links and free.hostdepartment are much much better

  harry_kel 14:36 09 Feb 2004

Thank you for the suggestion of "FrontPage", but your link does not work!! Is there any other way
to access this program, besides paying for it?

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