Freeview>TV>HDD/DVD/VHS connection

  sujjay 16:45 02 Dec 2007

I have a Toshiba HDD/DVD/VHS recorder & I have connected it to my TV & external Freeview box but I can only record the actual programme currently on. I'm guessing I have it conected incorrectly any ideas?

  Graham. 17:41 02 Dec 2007

Does the recorder have a tuner? Give the model number.

  100andthirty 17:52 02 Dec 2007

Your TV will have a tuner - is it analogue or digital (freeview)?

Same for the combi unit?

The freeview box can, of course only deliver digital.

Have you connected your aerial to freeview, then from freeview to combi then from combi to TV - as well as the SCARTs?

Even if all except freeview is analoguem you should be able to watch analogue or whilst recording freeview, or record analogue whilst watching freeview. A second box would allow you to dispense with analogue

  pj123 17:56 02 Dec 2007

Watching this thread as I have a Toshiba HDD/DVD/VHS recorder (just bought) and am having the same problems.

The model number is RD-XV47KB

It does have a tuner and the Quick Setup says: connect it all up and then press On/Standby on the remote control and then Enter and it will start auto scanning for TV channels, but mine doesn't.

  Graham. 19:20 02 Dec 2007

'Graham it does not have a tuner fitted. sujjay'

sujjay, please respond in the thread.

  sujjay 19:33 02 Dec 2007

Apologies, new to this.
1ooandthirty, apologies to you also I just sent you a mailer direct I believe.

Let me explain my full connection.
Wall antenna>to Freeview box> to Toshiba> to TV
Freeview Scart to AV1 to TV
2nd Freeview Scart to Toshiba AV1 (there is an AV2 on the Toshiba which I have tried).

Only record actual programme showing on Freeview & can't watch other Freeview channels but can watch 1 to 4 on terrestial.

  100andthirty 17:39 03 Dec 2007

If you want to watch a freeview channel whilst recording a freeview channel, then you need a second freeview box. If you only want to watch freeview and don't care about analogue, the connect aerial to freeview box 1 and from freeview box 1 to freeview box 2 (and then, if you want, onto the Toshiba {only if it has a tuner} and the TV)

Scart from freeview 1 to TV
Scart from freeview 2 to Toshiba.

Hope this makes sense.

In summary: if you want to watch something and record something different, you must have two tuners. Tuner=freeview box

  sujjay 16:13 04 Dec 2007

Thanx for this, it's makes sense. Much appreciated

  audeal 19:18 04 Dec 2007

I think two Digiboxes are needed to view one channel while recording another.

I use an aerial splitter. One going to my Lounge Digibox and the other lead going to my Digibox in the Bedroom.

I have it connected to the digibox in the lounge then, I have a scart splitter fitted to the back of the TV. A scart from the digibox to the scart splitter, then a scart lead from the scart splitter to the DVD player and also a scart to the VCR.

The setup in the Bedroom is setup to view, record and capture video on my computer.

So I can record in the bedroom and watch a different program in the lounge.

All very complicated, but works.

  sujjay 19:47 04 Dec 2007

Many Thanx, gives me another option.

  Switcher 20:16 04 Dec 2007

I have the same Toshiba, it is great for converting old VHS tapes to DVD. This Toshiba does not have a tuner therefore to record freeview whilst watching another freeview channel I have connected a second freeview box. Antenna > digi box2 then avg output from this box to AVG2 on TV. I watch using second box and record using box1 which is connected:- Antenna > digi box1 > TV Plus AVG output from box 1 to TV AVG1. This seems complicated but my Missus can work it so can't be too bad.

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