Freeview/Freesat recorder-Duff

  SparkyJack 11:52 10 Sep 2013

I have been given the above to play with because it started giving 'No can do' messages and when returned to the store by the owner for service - they said'cant be repared-get the next one.

So I have the drive connected to my computer- ir runs but the computer does not 'mount the drive' because it is the wrong file system- although the drive does apper on thesk top but the content cant be accessed.

Out of interest is it possible to look further into the contents?

It is possible that it is a motherboard firmware problem, and the frive is OK- in which case presumably reformatting the drive and putting it to work elsewhere[as a back up drive for example] a possibility?

  LastChip 12:59 10 Sep 2013

Run a live Linux CD/DVD and you'll be able to access the drive - if it's OK. It's also possible the drive contents have become corrupted, but it would be very unusual.

  SparkyJack 15:45 10 Sep 2013

Thank you Lastchip

I dint say, the drive was beeing read on my Ubuntu 11 machine. the message 'cannot mount wrong fs' came up then. I was contemplating hooking on my Windoze machine- so from what you intimated- no point then.

I have a 'Crunch Bang' machine also- perchance this more 'basic' system may pick it up.

  woodchip 15:52 10 Sep 2013

The File System Used is Packet Writing software, not a very good system.

Nero use one like INCD

click here

  woodchip 15:53 10 Sep 2013

Roxio used to make one but cannot remember the name of it

  Press Man 16:15 10 Sep 2013

What make/model is the unit?

  SparkyJack 08:33 11 Sep 2013


The drive is Hitachi SATA320Gb

What I am trying to findout is

These items have an operating system of some sort bot obviously not Win based or regular Linux

Also where is it? on the drive or on a chip- if it is on the chip then the drive is storage only-but what system- simply formating the drive would make it useless for the recorder-or would it?

  Press Man 10:18 11 Sep 2013

Not a lot of info regarding your unit. As I understand things the format of the HDD is normally EXT2 or 3. click here this may help you read the files which again, are normally designated as *.ts which can be read by VLC player. If you do get at the files and there are any recordings in HD then it is highly likely that you will not be able to view them as they could be encrypted and only viewable through your unit?

  Press Man 11:37 11 Sep 2013

If all things fail and a new unit is to be purchased I would recommend this unit (which I have) click here There are other cheaper units, but cheap does not always mean reliability and quality. Hope this helps.

  Press Man 13:42 11 Sep 2013

Seems that the previous link to a new unit didn't wpork. Try this click here

  woodchip 10:47 12 Sep 2013

OS software I think is in a Chip so it can be flash updated when left on auto update, does it normally at night. Drive uses the Packet Writing Format so it can delete at any time also record as needed, but it as its problems due to it using Packet.

That's why you get Cannot read faults, and it locks up and as to be rebooted. At this stage its best to reformat the Drive, though you will lose recorded material

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