Freeview/Digital TV interference

  Jackcoms 16:49 12 Oct 2006

A question I've been meaning to ask for some time.

We have Freeview on two TVs - one via a Pace set-top box and the other via a digital TV (purchased less than a month ago).

Both of them have up-to-date software and the rooftop aerial is wideband/digital and pointing at our local digital transmitter.

It's noticeable that digital transmissions fairly regularly 'break up' and/or lose the sound (both on the set-top box and the digital TV). This interference can happen on just a few channels or a lot of the channels at any given time.

Why is this? Is it related to certain weather/atmospheric conditions?

Is it related to local conditions (we are less than 2 miles from Gatwick airport)?

Analogue broadcasts never used to break up in this way!

Your thoughts gratefully received!

  €dstowe 16:54 12 Oct 2006

Might well be the airport.

I have friends who live near Ashford, Kent beneath one of the major flight paths to Gatwick. They've given up on digital TV via an aerial because of poor reception.

Like so many modern things, digital isn't necessarily the best - as I know from rubbish digital radio reception and I can't even get terrestrial digital TV.

  Jackcoms 17:01 12 Oct 2006

Yep, I'd rather suspected that it may be the culprit.

The airport is between us and the transmitter. :-((

Anybody else got any ideas?

  Jim Thing 17:23 12 Oct 2006

"Might well be the airport."

On the other hand, I live beneath the flight path into Belfast's George Best Airport from the south and haven't yet had any kind of reception problem. I'm approx 10 miles (line-of-sight) from the airport, perhaps 15 from the Divis mast, and my Daewoo Freeview box gets its signal via at least 120ft of coax from a communal antenna which hasn't been updated for years to my knowledge. There's probably a distribution amp somewhere in the system though.

BTW for the last two years the Freeview website has been telling me that I can't receive the service in my location...

  birdface 17:24 12 Oct 2006

Is there any other aerials on your roof or in back garden,s. Cb Radio Or Amateur radio or Any taxi or lorry firms nearby will cause the same interference,Worth a look.

  Jackcoms 17:58 12 Oct 2006

No, nothing around locally.

However, I still do have my analogue aerial on the roof next to the wideband aerial.

I least I can switch to an analogue broadcast when digital starts to play silly buggers!

  birdface 18:11 12 Oct 2006

Make sure you don't have any electrical cables running over your tv cable,If you switch 1 box of do you get a good picture on the one left on.Should have said take the aerial cable out 1, while testing other, Then try it the other way,If you can just check the aerial plugs, make sure that there are no wires touching.All you need is one of the outer cable wires, to touch the center one and you would have a bad picture,I am sure that you have tried all that, Only other thing I can think of, is maybe you need a signal booster.

  mosfet 18:13 12 Oct 2006

I have the same trouble, plus.. way out of sync plus.. the colours are over the the top & cannot be tuned down..on a box.
Wasn't very impressed.Then we went with ntl cable for phone..b/band & digital package. All is great now,so I blame the freeview box which we now use in spare room.

  Pine Man 18:19 12 Oct 2006

One of my neighbours had the same problem. I get a great signal and he got a lousy signal. Both using the same aerials and both using Pace set top boxes. Both of our aerials were fitted to the eaves near the peak of our roofs.

He then got a mast, for his aerial, about a couple of metres high put on his chimney stack and the problem was solved immediately.

  birdface 18:24 12 Oct 2006

some stations still only send out analogue signals.and have not converted to digital yet,If you had your aerial fitted by proffesionals. It should be ok.And pointing in the right direction.
Nice cheap way of fixing it, sell the house and move to the country. One last thought, Have you retuned your digi box lately for new programs. Maybe just needing retuned, Don't know how you would do the telly one mind you.Ran out of Ideas, Will let someone else have a go ,that knows what they are talking about, Best of luck, and hope you get it fixed,

  Jackcoms 18:54 12 Oct 2006

No, there aren't any stray cables, etc.
Yes, Pace retuned very recently (and latest software installed).

No, disconnecting one TV doesn't make a jot of difference to the other one.

Yep, aerial is pointing in the right direction and it was installed by professionals.

I think that I might just take a walk down the road and ask the chaps at Gatwick if they'd mind NOT playing with their bloody aeroplanes. It's interfering with Corrie! ;-))

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