Freeview programme guide keeps disappearing

  Pineman100 17:25 06 Dec 2011

I've posted questions about several problems with our Freeview boxes, in the last couple of months. Mostly they appear to associated with the digital switchover which took place in our area (Tacolneston transmitter) on the 23rd November.

For the last three days neither of our Freeview boxes has been able to bring up the electronic programme guide. If you press the "Guide" button, you see the empty Guide screen for a second or two, then it disappears again. All channels appear to be normal, and can be watched by scrolling up or down with the P+ and P- buttons. But the lack of an EPG is a nuisance.

I've tried a full "first time installation" several times on both boxes, but this has made no difference.

The two boxes are different brands (both cheap). But they do have identical remote controls, which leads me to suspect that the innards may be the same, just packed into different badged boxes.

Has anyone else suffered this problem? Any ideas how to get the guide back, please?

  northumbria61 14:36 07 Dec 2011

Could it down to your aerial and reception? Don't know if there is anything here for you enter link description here

  northumbria61 14:42 07 Dec 2011
  Pineman100 15:16 07 Dec 2011

Thanks for responding, northumbria61.

I don't have any expertise on this subject, but I don't think it can be an aerial problem. Despite the problem with the programme guide, all channels are receivable at full strength by hopping up and down the list with the P+ and P- buttons on the remote control.

According to both those links that you gave me, I should be in a good Freeview reception area, about 24 miles from the Tacolneston transmitter in Norfolk.

  amonra 16:17 07 Dec 2011

Do you switch the boxes off completely, or do you put them into standby mode ? I know there can be problems with some makes if you disconnect from the mains, ie. switch them off on the wall. I've got a couple of cheapie boxes, no problems, one is switched off on the wall, the other on s/by.

  Pineman100 17:13 07 Dec 2011

amonra - thanks for your thoughts.

I don't switch the boxes off - just put them on standby. The only time I actually switch them off at the mains is when I need to reboot them, as I've done just recently.

  robin_x 17:28 07 Dec 2011

Check in the menus for Signal Quality (or Error Rate)as well as Strength.

Try one box at a time, directly connected to main aerial feed (not via splitter or multi-way booster)

  Pineman100 18:07 07 Dec 2011

Thanks RoL - I think you;ve helped me before with Freeview box problems!

The only signal strength indicator on either of these boxes is a small progress bar display that shows for a few seconds when you change channels. This bar shows full strength on all the channels that we regularly watch.

Because of our cable setup it would be extremely difficult to connect the aerial lead direct to either of the boxes. Would it have the same effect if I removed each aerial lead in turn from the splitter, so that only one box was being fed through it at a time - for test purposes?

  robin_x 18:26 07 Dec 2011

Not quite the same effect, but you'll be removing 'one load'.

Look in your Options/Setup/Manual Tuning to see if you can find a Quality Indicator.

You don't have to change the tuning.

Which boxes/Model Numbers do you have?

  Pineman100 10:20 08 Dec 2011

Well, thanks to you all for your helpful suggestions, but I've discovered a sort of "work-around" solution to this problem.

In the Freeview box main menu I selected Configuration. One of the settings listed showed that I was using the Teletext electronic programme guide - but there are others. I've discovered that the Now & Next guide works. It's a rather more limited guide than the Teletext one, but it's enough for my needs. And of course it saves having to junk an otherwise operational box.

Once again, many thanks for your help with this problem.

  Pineman100 12:38 08 Dec 2011

Hmmm - that's an interesting thought, Woolwell.

My Freeview boxes both offer a choice of three EPGs: Teletext, Now & Next and 7-day. I can't believe a digibox would offer a programme guide that isn't digital, so perhaps Teletext have a digital programme guide as well as an analogue "Ceefax" service.

Just speculating.

The Teletext programme guide worked fine for a couple of weeks after analogue switch-off, and still works intermittently - usually just once, after I've done a programme guide update, before it collapses again.

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