FreeView Not working - WinterHill

  giffy 20:27 15 Jul 2006

I am very confused..i have connected my Freeview up correctly, and made sure that my house is in the correct area to recieve free view, however the reception is poor and im only recieving a few channels..even itv and channel 4. Is there anything i can do?

  Jackcoms 20:29 15 Jul 2006

Do you have a digital aerial?

  giffy 20:29 15 Jul 2006

Yes i do

  Jackcoms 20:31 15 Jul 2006

And is it pointing at your local digital transmitter - which is not always the same as your local analogue transmitter?

  giffy 20:32 15 Jul 2006

Which is the local transmitter? i have a transmitter in another room which its pointing at

  Jackcoms 20:34 15 Jul 2006

"i have a transmitter in another room which its pointing at"

No! I meant the local TV transmitter which usually sits on a hillside!!

  giffy 20:38 15 Jul 2006

ooh right, Well i have now and done another channel search and there are no new ones

  Jackcoms 20:41 15 Jul 2006

Your digital aerial must be an external (rooftop) aerial and it must have clear line of sight to your local external digital transmitter.

To see if you can actually receive freeview in your neck of the woods click here

  giffy 20:42 15 Jul 2006

Well thankyou for the help

  Stuartli 20:43 15 Jul 2006

Are you talking about a Freeview set top box or a computer system Freeview PCI card or USB stick?

The set top boxes are fine but, in general, the computer equivalent reception is very hit and miss and has been for some weeks.

It's virtually impossible now to pick up the four ITV channels, Channel4, More4, E4 (although E4+1 is OK) and odd other channels.

The problem appears to be signal strength - the problem channels are well down on what they should be; it could be due to so many new channels being available.

There are currently 88 TV and radio channels on DTB from Winter Hill and my Pioneer set top box (a rare but very classy ITVDigital model) has no problem with bringing them all in.

  Stuartli 20:45 15 Jul 2006

>>it must have clear line of sight to your local external digital transmitter.>>

If that was the case, only a handful of people would pick up such television transmissions.

By the way I presume you mean a wideband TV aerial - "digital aerial" is marketing ploy.

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