Freeview box problems

  Pineman100 10:17 13 Nov 2011

Our area (Tacolneston transmitter, Norfolk) is in the midst of the digital TV switchover. Analogue BBC2 was switched off on the 9th November and the rest of the channels are set for 23rd November.

As instructed by the publicity material, I re-tuned our three Freeview boxes on the 9th. Since then the boxes have been nothing but trouble.

When switched off standby, one of the boxes always shows a report, "Searching for software update". The progress bar gets about a quarter of the way across then just freezes (I've left it for as much as half an hour without seeing any further progress).

All the boxes keep randomly reporting "no signal" on certain channels, for a few minutes, then returning to normal.

One of the boxes is updating the electronic programme guide on a daily basis.

I should add that our aerial is only a couple of years old, and we never turn the Freeview boxes off - just put them on standby.

Is this all just an inevitable part of the switchover process? I understand that the digital signal will at some point be boosted significantly - has this already happened, or will it happen after the final analogue channels have been switched off?

Any general advice on this topics would be very much appreciated.

  Graham* 10:29 13 Nov 2011

First thing to do is turn off the boxes, wait a while, then turn on. This will re-boot the software.

  gengiscant 10:29 13 Nov 2011


We went completely digital earlier this year and to be honest I have not been impressed. I did start a thread on my experience but as there is no linger a search function on the upgraded/improved? site it would take me far to long to find it.The main point I raise that prior to total switch over to digital I was getting more channels and better reception. since switch over this has changed.Any and everything seems to affect reception, at times i can move from channel to channel and all work perfectly at other times I struggle to watch any channel.

I have three TV's each with there own Freeview box an oddly enough each with there own aerial, two indoor and one outdoor, on the whole the indoor aerials give less reception problems.

Do not believe that once you go fully digital and signal strength is boosted that reception will improve, like me you could find that that is when your problems really begin.

Happy viewing.

  Terry Brown 11:06 13 Nov 2011

If you on the front page, look under News and you will see a box.

Type in your name and query.( E.g. Pineman100 Freeview) and you will see the posts from yourself on that subject.


  gengiscant 11:19 13 Nov 2011

Terry Brown

I really must upgrade my glasses.Thanks for pointing that out.It is not the first time I have mentioned,what I thought was the lack of search, but up until now no one has corrected my mistake. Now to try it out. I wonder if it has been improved like so much else here.

  Pineman100 11:26 13 Nov 2011

Graham* - sorry, I should have mentioned that I have done that "cold boot" several times with all the boxes. It doesn't seem to have made any difference.

  Pineman100 11:27 13 Nov 2011

gengiscant - thanks for your response, which has severely depressed me!


  gengiscant 11:37 13 Nov 2011

I am really sorry about that Pineman100. As I actually watch very little TV it has not really bothered me and finances mean that a better/new aerial is out of the question at the moment.

  Bob Exeter 11:55 13 Nov 2011

We in the West Country were the pioneers to the digital swith over. From experience some of the "older" boxes were unable to cope with the change and the newer and modern boxes were therefor able to manage without any problems. Suggest you purchase a new box NOW and if anything like the experience in this part of England you may find difficulty in obtaining one due to the problems that were found in older boxes.

Bob Exeter

  lotvic 12:30 13 Nov 2011

If any of your boxes are Sagem, then you won't be alone in having problems. They have a problem with their new software that has not yet been resolved.

  Pineman100 13:29 13 Nov 2011

Bob - thanks for that. Do you know how old a box has to be to qualify as "old"? Ours are all about 5 years old.

lotvic - thanks for responding. No, none of them are badged Sagem, although perhaps the guts could be Sagem, but re-badged?

The three boxes are badged SEG, Digihome and Digilogic. The casings are different colours and shapes, but the three remote controls that came with them are absolutely identical. This leads me to believe they may all have the same interior workings.

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