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Freeview box ( bush id) not working

  Hartf74 18:20 11 Mar 2018

Hi, my bush freeview box isn't working, I have no sound/ picture it's displaying boot on the screen.

Thank you Fiona

  alanrwood 18:27 11 Mar 2018

Scrap it and buy a replacement. They are not repairable economically.

  Menzie 20:28 11 Mar 2018

Unplug it from the mains for about 5 minutes and try reconnecting.

If the issue still occurs then contact the manufacturer.

That's about all you can do with Freeview boxes when they malfunction.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:46 11 Mar 2018

or you can try and reinstall the software using a USB stick. click here these instructions are for a certain model numberso wee need to know your model number to get the correct software.

that works for my Humax when it get stuck in a boot loop.

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