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  pauliney 09:23 09 Feb 2010

hi all my husband is trying to connect a free view box to a DVD/HDD Recorder with 160 GB HDD but it only picks up normal 1 2 3 4 TV and that not through the free view box would they not be compatible with each other any ideas???? the dvd/hdd recorder did pick up sky from its receiver


  howard64 09:27 09 Feb 2010

you normally have to set it to pick up from auxilliary 1 or 2 etc.

  rawprawn 09:30 09 Feb 2010

If your DVD/HDD Recorder is the type for Freesat, then it wont pick up Freeview,
I made a mistake of buying a Freeview Recorder when I wanted Freesat, and now the recorder is sat on top of the wardrobe. We are not due to get Freeview here until the end of 2011

  anchor 09:31 09 Feb 2010

Not knowing which HDD recorder you have, and if it has an AV-in scart socket, I will make a guess.

If it does have an AV-in socket, then connect the freeview box scart-out socket to the recorder AV-in socket. Select this input on the recorder. I suspect this is what you husband might have done to record Sky.

  Technotiger 09:32 09 Feb 2010

I have not read this whole article, but I am sure you will find it interesting, especially if your own model is shown, and it may well answer your question ...

click here

  pauliney 13:01 09 Feb 2010

thanks all for reply message to anchor philips dvd/hdd mind it is 5 years old thanks

  anchor 08:35 10 Feb 2010

You don`t specify the model number, but a quick look at a Philips spec:, I could find no reference to a AV-In socket. Without this it would be extremely difficult, (if not impossible).

I am surprised than, not only Philips, but also the excellent Humax do not provide a AV-In connection. I have a Panasonic which does; this makes recording from other sources easy.

  natdoor 09:40 10 Feb 2010

Assuming that your DVD recorder is only capable of recording RF inputs, you would need a Freeview recorder that outputs the selected digital channel as RF. ( Note that all boxes provide a loop-through of the analogue RF channels but you require the digital signal to be output in an equivalent form, which requires an internal RF modulator.) Most modern freeview boxes do not do this. One example that does is the TVonics MFR-200. The DVD recorder would need to be tuned to recive the new signal. It is possible that your box does this but the RF output may be switched off. This facility is provided to avoid problems of interference with adjacent cahannels, although the frequency of the output can be adjusted to mitigate such a problem.This RF output is not necessary if a Scart is used.

An alternative to getting a Freeview box with an RF output for the selectd digital channel would be to purchase an RF modulator. For further information click here

  natdoor 09:44 10 Feb 2010

Sorry, in line two above I meant a Freeview box, not a recorder!

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