freeserve and windows xp

  NorthEnd 17:31 01 Jul 2003

I am a windows xp user trying to reconnect to freeserve anytime on a new PC. I have a freeserve CD which I used to retrieve
existing account. This gave instructions on setting up the dial-up configurations and told me once complete this is a temporary set up and
go to click here and confirm settings. I followed the instructions, logged in and click on install.
When it comes to pressing open it does nothing and stops. It says the file from freeserve contains malicious code. I can connect to the
internet and e-mail account. However, as the CD says this is only a temporary connection I need this resolving.After contacting Freeserve they told me this was standard for XP, and that I should just click on Open, and follow the instructions, when I do this, nothing happens. But can any one help with this problem.

  mikef. 18:04 01 Jul 2003

As long as you've got an internet connection you can go to the freeserve site and just retrieve your account from there.

  zaach 18:04 01 Jul 2003

When I switched machines and moved to XP I merely transferred the settings I already used to the new machine and had no trouble at all. After all, freeserve aren't interested in what machine you are using, only the telephone number.

  bradwell boy 18:31 01 Jul 2003

I have never used the set up disc to connect, or retrieve an account with freeserve. Found them trying to change settings I didn't want tinkering with and had no benefit to me. Always manually set up the account on my PC by going into IE or outlook and Tools tab Internet Option and or Account. You need to know the dial up number for whatever package you are on with freeserve, your a/c name and password.

  wheelie 05:55 03 Jul 2003

Try saving the file to your hard drive and opening it after you've logged off the internet. It'll probably be called something like "Anytime.exe".

Also, it sounds like your firewall/antivirus program doesn't like the program. Try disabling both of them before running the program either from the web site or locally from your hard disk.

  huzzar 11:02 03 Jul 2003

I'm just like bradwell boy - it works for me everytime...

  NorthEnd 13:35 03 Jul 2003

by manually setting up the account worked.
thanks for the help

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