Freeserve or AOL

  Fateful Shadow 19:17 20 Jul 2003

I know 'Aol Haters' response to this automatically, but I'll give it a shot anyway :P

I have been using AOL for ages now, and I think it's time for a change. One ISP that caught my eye was Freeserve. I looked at the freeserve website, and I liked the look of 'Freeserve anytime."

However, I do like AOL for the little things, e.g. the in-built media player, even though IE6 has a media player in it.

Could I have a few opinions of Freeserve, before I make my final descision?

Thanks all!

  Steven135 19:23 20 Jul 2003

If you have been using AOL happily then I would continue with them there is no point in change just for change's sake.

I used freeserve for a couple of years with no problems connecting but I did have problems with their billing which was all over the place getting support was also very problematic.

I changed when I went over to cable broadband.

  Fateful Shadow 19:34 20 Jul 2003

What do you mean by billing problems? Did they overcharge you, or something else like that?

Any more opinions would be appreciated

  wazzup 19:58 20 Jul 2003

I have been with Freeserve Anytime since last December with no problems. With this package you can now pay by Direct Debit, I do, and they E-mail you when your account is debited. Big difference you may notice is that with AOL the helpline is free, with Freeseve it costs 50p per minute. I agree with Steven135 , if you are not having any problems stay with them. Better the devil you know....

  Mike 20:35 20 Jul 2003

click here £13.49 a month (dialup). Excellent free support via email.

  tanzanite 20:35 20 Jul 2003

I to was with freeserve anytime,and couldnt fault the service in anyway.I changed my telephone provider to ntl which is why i now use them for broadband,yes the tech support is 50p per min but advice is very helpful and anyway who needs to pay when u can just come here for advice!

  Steven135 20:45 20 Jul 2003

Fateful Shadow

The billing problems I had were to do with them not collecting the payments despite repeated e-mails until they cut me off for none payment.

As I remember it took ages to sort out that was some time ago and they have probably sorted things out by now.

  mammak 21:57 20 Jul 2003

This folks is an issue , that will never be resolved, i have had freeserve anytime for a while now no probs, one of my sisters have aol big probs, she lives just up the road , i think it really doe,s depend on your situe, Joe Bloggs round the corner can crack on with one isp, you might have probs with it , it,s the case oh shopping around i think.

  Somewhere95 00:58 21 Jul 2003

Hated every minute i was with freeserve. Wished i'd stayed with aol. No major conn or disscon probs, but huuuuge and lengthy battles with FS about billing. Also, tech support is ****** compared to aol. Like's been said, don't move for changes sake.

  Audeal 10:33 21 Jul 2003

I have been with Freeserve for about three years now without any problems. Now on FS Broadband for three months without problems. Freeserve do not collect the payments for the Broadband, it is collected by a company called "WorldPay" so if you are having problems with the billing then do not blame Freeserve as they do not have anything to do with it.

I have always liked Freeserve and still do and I would recommend them anytime. But, of course, not everyone is as lucky as I am and do indeed have lots of problems with them, so it is the luck of the draw

  pj123 11:38 21 Jul 2003

If it's only a contest between Freeserve and AOL I would stay with AOL.

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