freeserve ftp address

  chris6891 18:19 08 Jan 2003
  chris6891 18:19 08 Jan 2003

hi, can you please tell me the ftp address for freeserve...just changed from bt, and cant find it anywhere :S thanks.

  Taran 18:28 08 Jan 2003

Follow the links on their support pages for your webspace details.

They have full destructions on how to create, upload and manipulate your website, including details on using the Terrapin FTP client.

  chris6891 18:52 08 Jan 2003

ok, that was of basically no help, the site doesnt give much information at all. Please, if anyone knows the freeserve ftp info, then please post it here! thanks.

  andyhuz 18:53 08 Jan 2003

If you use Internet explorer type click here and from there
file/login as, enter your user name eg [email protected]|website name then your e mail password

  Taran 19:18 08 Jan 2003

My apologies if my answer was too succinct and not the step by step walk-through you were apparently looking for.

Freeserve have very extensive information on their site and it is presented in a relatively easy to follow format.

As pointed out by andyhuz (and me), if you go to their sitebuilder page (reachable from their homepage or support pages) logging in gives you all the information you need and more besides.

It's often difficult when answering a question to judge how much detail to go into (or how little) and how much work the poster is prepared to put into the problem at hand. Any one of us can access the relevant details with a user ID and copy them here for you. I'd suggest it would be more beneficial for you to find where they are on the Freeserve site and and look into the entire process at your leisure.

As a matter of fact, nobody could give you the exact details because they depend entirely on your username and account details, hence the benefits of going to the relevant pages on the Freeserve site for full destructions.

Good luck.

  andyhuz 19:26 08 Jan 2003

There`s no need to go to the Freeserve site at all, just ftp directly from Internet explorer as explained above.

  kp 19:56 08 Jan 2003

You will also nee your user ID ( uk or uk etc. (omitting the spaces before the 'uk') plus your password

I think is the correct answer??


  anchor 16:13 09 Jan 2003

Yes kp, these are the settings I have in CuteFTP for Freeserve.

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