Freeserve Connection Kit

  Big Elf 10:45 11 Jun 2003

I assume everyone using Freeserve have now had the email telling them they MUST install the new dialler software to allow them to connect to the internet. Apparently this software, apart from placing an icon in the system tray, dials another number if the first number is engaged. Excuse me if I'm being a bit suspicious here but my current connection settings are already set to automatically dial one of 3 other numbers (supplied by Freeserve) if the first number is engaged. I phoned the Freeserve helpline and asked if I could have the new numbers so that I could set them up myself but they stated that I MUST install the software to connect in future.

Has anyone any views or greater knowledge about this?

  Belatucadrus 11:14 11 Jun 2003

When I downloaded the connection bumph it came in two parts, so instead of running as suggested I saved to disk, all the first part does is update the number on the OE dialler, the second part installs the freeserve dialler software. I have used the first part but the second sits in my download file unused.

  Big Elf 11:20 11 Jun 2003

In the interests of research I installed both parts of the software. Curiously the number (and alternates) I use to dial up had not changed. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid about this but if the numbers are to be changed then based on this experience Freeserve will use the software to install them while I'm not looking. Is this classed as a trojan or is it spyware?

I uninstalled the software but some of the minor settings that it had introduced were not removed e.g. the modem speaker was enabled (I disable it) and the 'Would you like to diconnect...' box was different. Fortunately I had created a restore point before installing the 'software' and was able to get back my original settings.

  Big Elf 11:39 11 Jun 2003

If you're running XP or ME then, based on my experience, a system restore should do it. If not then an uninstall might do it but is not guaranteed. I don't consider it a minor annoyance by the way.

Experts... I don't think so. They should have tested it properly, their answer is unacceptable and they should be working on a fix.

  rawprawn 13:04 11 Jun 2003

Outlook Dial Up Problem See if this helps, I had trouble with Outlook (not outlook express )& I think it may be a similar problem, your outlook express is still dialling the old number & need changing We will all have to change to their new dialup kit as they are going to phase out all the old numbers

  rawprawn 13:15 11 Jun 2003

Outlook Dial Up Problem - posted by rawprawn on Sat, 07.06.2003 Helproom 07.06.03 : 11:28 Sorry that was supposed to be alink but it didn't work. If this one doesn't at least you will know where to find it

  rawprawn 13:45 11 Jun 2003

I removed the icon in the system tray using msconfig, I have not noticed any difference in performance, but I didn't like it sitting there all the time like a spy.

  Big Elf 13:51 11 Jun 2003

My suspicion is that it's some form of spyware. As has been mentioned previously why have something like this for the very occasional times that the line is engaged. In fact Freeserve make money if you can't connect by forcing you to phone their expensive help line for advice/another number.

I do also appreciate that perhaps I'm being a bit paranoid about this. It wasn't helped by the unhelpfullness of the help line operator who refused to tell me exactly what the software does only that I HAD to use it.

  Big Elf 15:37 13 Jun 2003

I found this site which indicates that the Dialler software is not required click here

I looked in the 'ins' file I'd downloaded and entered the phone number shown into my connection settings and I've connected OK. In fact my connection now seems to be faster.

  Big Elf 08:09 01 Jul 2003

See also PCA August 2003 page 143 for more information.

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