Freeserve Connection Kit

  ulrich 17:26 23 Aug 2003

I had a letter from FServe saying I must download connection kit, which I have done. I have WinXP. Now I cannot diconnect or see how fast my connection is, the number now starts with 147 which seems correct. I don't want to ring them at 50p so any help would be most grateful.

  palinka 18:28 23 Aug 2003

This won't help you, I'm afraid; but I received same email from Freeserve 2 or 3 months ago. Did as they advised then had all sorts of problems. Only solution was to use System restore. That also had effect of removing the connection kit. Good! When Freeserve contacted me a month later on same subject I ignored them. Haven't heard anything since, and Freeserve is still functioning fine.

  Wuggy 21:12 23 Aug 2003

Freeserve are changing their access telephone numbers so if you don't download their connection software the number you connect to may disappear. RThe best thing to do is download the connection software, take a note of the number, and then set up a new dial-up connection with that number. The download supposedly redials another number if thje first is engaged!! A new dial-up connection with the new number works just the same without the dependcy.

  bobbyc 23:18 23 Aug 2003

i downloaded the new connection kit and all went wrong i phoned them and they said that they were having loads of probs with it and to revert back to my old dial up no / all fine again

  ulrich 23:49 23 Aug 2003

Thanks, I will try these out.

  nickhick 17:00 24 Aug 2003

Ulrich, go to the following website and there you can find enought alternative numbers to play around with although some of them might be defunct. You could always manually dial these numbers and listen to the result!
The website is click here

  ulrich 17:22 25 Aug 2003

I'm using the original number. Thanks a lot.

  noddy800 01:35 12 Sep 2003

I downloaded Kit, but somehow I now have 3 versions. 1 on each drive C,D,E.
only Cdrive has Win 98se on, but when i use explorer to look at files ,some parts are different on each drive, Any Suggestions??
is it safe to delete versions on D & E or all 3 and try again???

  DREYFUSS56 20:27 12 Sep 2003

I have downloaded the connection kit this week from Freeserve and it is working fine. Absolutely no problems at all.

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