freeserve chat

  brocky46 09:13 29 Jul 2003

my wife uses chat but lately when she logs on instead of going into chatroom all she gets on the page where the chat room is , is the light blue background but no chatroom.

we have downloaded java but to no avail.
can any one help please

  rainwarrior 20:55 30 Jul 2003

has it ever worked and stopped workin or has it never worked, i run freeserve and hit chat now and again i had probs for ages with the java aplet not downloading and activiating, if the applet has worked b4 have you done anything to your internet settings or put popup killers on your comp cause that hangs mine up sometimes, if not it could be busy times when your loggin on and you just have to keep trying(only my thoughts someone may have a better solution)

  brocky46 07:31 31 Jul 2003

not sure what she does on her comp. no popup killers but it used to work and then stopped.was wondering if there was anyway of checking if everything was loaded for use.will try her internet setting thou.

thanks for the info

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