Freeserve to BT Broadband advice needed

  Grambo 11:52 27 Jun 2004

I wish to change from FS Anytime to BT Broadband.Im not too sure what happens about email accounts. Presumeably my FS email address will be lost as my account will be cancelled. Will a BT addy be set up with broadband installation? I hope this is making sense as Im not really sure what Im asking either.
More waffle.... from experience, how much notice do i have to give to cancel FS as opposed to the length of time to connect up to BT Broadband.

  pmjd 12:03 27 Jun 2004

Yes your email account from freeserve will be closed and a new email address will be provided by your new supplier.

I'm a bit rusty but is FS anytime dial up? If so you can run your accounts concurrently as Broadband will take a little while to set up, varys with ISP but anything from 5 - 10 days. Braodband and Dial up can coexist so you won't lose your internet connection for a few days.

As for cancellation, check your contract or contact Wannadoo (what Freeserve has become) to see what notice you have to give.

If you want a more permanent email address you could always buy a domain name, .uk ones are very cheep at the moment, but you do have to pay a extra for your ISP to host it.


  sicknote 12:16 27 Jun 2004

Can you not down grade your FS Anytime to pay as you once B/B are installed that keeps your e-mail address,you can have Bt Broadband without having their e-mail address starting from £19.99.
They send you all the equipment and it's easy to install provided your PC is up to spec and the line is normally by the time you get the modem,etc.

  Mad Mick 19:06 27 Jun 2004

When I changed to BT Broadband I had to set up a webmail account as BT Broadband only gives access to the internet, they are not an ISP. If you change to BT Yahoo (who are an ISP) then you will be able to set up email addresses and this will be included in your monthly payment. A POP3 email address costs around £1.50 per month from BT Yahoo for BT Broadband customers, and you pay by credit card. This is addition to the £27 per month that I pay for internet access through BT Broadband

  Agent Smith 20:05 27 Jun 2004

I've just helped my cousin do this. Downgrade your Freeserve account to No Ties, that way you can keep your E-mail address and get at it through Wanadoo's home Page as FSmail. However be aware that if you change to the No Ties account Freeserve may suggest that you wait until a certain date i.e. if you did it tomorrow and you have paid up front until the end of July they may suggest that you cancel your Anytime account at the end of July. That's fine if you can remember to do it. My cousin forgot and ended up paying for an extra month. My advice is to Downgrade at a time convenient to you.

  Dipso 21:46 27 Jun 2004

If you decide to go downgrade your Freeserve account to no ties in order to keep your email addy, I think they expect you to dial in every 3 months or so to keep your email account alive.

  Danoh 23:02 27 Jun 2004

Grambo. I guess there's a good reason why you did not go with Freeserve/Wanado's own broadband service. Presumably that would enable you to retain your Freeserve email addresses, rather than have to do the 2-step with BT Broadband and then BT-Yahoo.

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