Freeserve Broadband-How do I connect ?

  spuds 21:57 19 Mar 2003

Having spent most of today setting up a friends new computer,we have hit a snag.He as just changed to broadband, and after setting up this system we cannot connect to the Freeserve service.We have tried contacting Freeserve technical for help and advice,but after being left waiting for a human contact 4x20 minutes plus 1 timeout, we eventually gave up.

The CopperJet ADSL modem as two lights.One is the USB,which was originally red, but as since changed to green. The ADSL light is showing red/orange in colour.We keep getting an error message {601}with the following details shown: Freeserve Broadband Connection Disconnected : Dial-Up:Disconnected:CopperJet ADSL modem connecting with freeserve broadband:PO.38.

I hope this makes sense to someone, as it as left us baffled.Help setting up this unit would be very much appreciated.Waiting for the freeserve technical as had its toll for today.

  powerless 22:10 19 Mar 2003

Are you sure the ADSL line is "live"?

  spuds 22:20 19 Mar 2003

Seems to be.BT engineers arrived on Monday and did line checks etc for confirmed Freeserve connection on Tuesday 18th.Freeserve did state in their confirmation letter, that the lights should change to green on connection, if not to contact technical services, which we have constanly tried to do, without success.

  tbh72 23:37 19 Mar 2003

I was having the same 601 error. I was advised by free serve to goto dial up networking and to remove the ADSL connection icon. I then had to restart the computer, go back to dial up networking and double click the make new connection. I followed the helpline assistants prompts which lead to the ADSL icon appearing again, the next time I connected there was no trouble.

Hope this helps

  spuds 23:56 19 Mar 2003

Sounds about right,will give it a try tomorrow.This dialling up thing was the ??, plus the telephone number as PO.38.Thanks.

  tbh72 00:08 20 Mar 2003

I had to enter the telephone number as 12345 It's a little confusing really!!!

  codfanglers 01:05 20 Mar 2003

0,38 isn't a phone number, it's a two number code which tells your modem to connect to the exchange.
A bit of usless information for you, hope it's fixed

  spuds 19:39 20 Mar 2003

After further delving today, and finally getting through to Freeserve. It appears as though the activity of the two BT engineers on Monday didn't solve an activation problem.The line broadband activation was confirmed and promised for Tuesday last. It is now promised for "the next two or three days".Compensation as been offered, so we are now looking for brighter things?.

I will now green tick this posting, and many thanks to everyone who gave their help.

  spuds 11:13 22 Mar 2003

Four BT engineers and still no Freeserve Broadband. Yesterday BT replaced all the overhead cabling, so that a better signal could be obtained.Two other engineers did work at the exchange and local 'corner box', but alas, there is still no broadband connection.Will keep you informed.

  graham 11:27 22 Mar 2003

If BT visited prior to 'activation' they have measured the loss on your line. Further work will be to improve the performance if possible. Sounds like you are near the limit for broadband, the figures must have been acceptable as within the limits, but in reality it won't work. Suggest you ask Freeserve to escalate the problem as a fault to BT (you can't do this yourself), it may be an exchange fault that the other engineers would not be able to diagnose.

  spuds 13:53 22 Mar 2003

Freeserve and BT are working in conjunction with this one. This posting is an offshoot of these click here click here The person who is actually involved as two BT lines into his home. One is solely for internet use, and the other for general phone and emergency use. Freeserve have instructed my friend to contact them again on Tuesday, if all is not well.So far he as had a large outlay of money for a service which he may not recieve.To top it all, Freeserve took him off his dial-up 56k service, even though they were asked not to do so. So he as no internet usage at present.

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