Freeserve broadband

  msmop 06:53 29 Apr 2003

Broadband is Brilliant..........That is when you get a connection. Has anyone out there experienced connection problems and if so what did they do about it? This is mine. I turn on PC,when loaded,I press Freeserve Broadband connection verifying password etc. Everything 'appears' OK. Click on browser, homepage trys to load, I end up with 'No Page to Display', action cancelled, error message. Try to load E-mail, Pop Server error messages there too. Only thing to do is shutdown and re-boot. This I do and away we go. NO probs. I have e-mailed tech services a few times but all I get is standard FAQ reply, but no answer to specified query. To phone Tech services means you are stuck in a queue for a week costing heaven know what. Help!!!!!


  powerless 07:00 29 Apr 2003

Try the Technical helpline again, when you get through they are very helpful and should hopefully solve your problem. Just get back on that phone...

But whilst your here are you running any Anti Virus software or a firewall? If yes which ones...

Also Which Operating system are you using, Windows 98, XP, etc?

When you try to load your email what is the error message exactly? It would be good to know as it could help us solve your troubles.

  powerless 07:05 29 Apr 2003

"Has anyone out there experienced connection problems and if so what did they do about it?"

Well i phoned up freeserve and they explained what was happening each time, It was a fault at there end.

  msmop 14:41 29 Apr 2003

The E-mail error message says, unable to connect to server, try again later. I shall try to ring Freeserve early doors tomorrow and hopefully won't have to wait too long in a queue. I am not running any virus checker software as I use MailWasher which checks them at the server, and no firewall either. These progs use up valuable memory which I need for my music composing software and graphics.

Thanks for your advice

  msmop 14:43 29 Apr 2003

PS I forgot. I am running windows 98se


  powerless 20:05 29 Apr 2003

Sounds like a connection problem (obviously).

Just wait till Freeserve tell you whats, what.

If it's found not to be freeserve post back.

  tbh72 22:39 29 Apr 2003

So long as the GREEN light's come on the modem (EG The line is working properly) I would suggest you remove the modem driver's and reinstall them.

I had this problem, and was advised to do just that. It worked perfectly after that & the advisor COULDNT tell me why I had to reinstall the drivers although everything appeared to work perfectly in the first place

  msmop 07:29 30 Apr 2003

I have just rung Freeserve again, this time I was at the PC so I hooked up to Broadband and of course it worked first time, no probs. I felt such a twit. So, I have been advised to ring them next time I have a 'Glitch' and they will take it from there. It was suggested I instal and re-instal and this I have done already----twice or get an new driver. Do you know where to get an updated driver from, by any chance?


  tbh72 09:05 30 Apr 2003

click here The first couple of links under each modem are the newest drivers.

  tileman 09:41 30 Apr 2003

hi yes i get connected then says unable to to find page or something like that
been told this is problem with them not us
i resolve problem by disconecting, pull lead out of external modem (for about 10 secs) replace wait for green lights then connect again with no problem
this problem happens about two in ten connections

  msmop 06:52 01 May 2003

Thanks for that link for drivers. This modem is by a company called Allied Data Technologies. Can I still use a driver from this link?


Thanks for your tip, too. I shall try that next time it messes about, as it has just done,but it is too early in the morning to ring Freeserve as I shall wake my man up.


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