Freeserve anyime please help!!!!!!!!!

  bunnyone1 13:14 26 Mar 2003

can someone please help before i pull all my hair out!!!! I use freeserve Anytime as my isp but sometimes it takes me up to thirty times to connect, the line seems constantly engaged. Bt has turned the volume up on my line but it dont make any difference. I have downloaded the freeserve connection kit but that dont help either. Freeserve has advised me that all the settings are right but otherwise cant suggest nothing else. When i do get connected sometimes it is only a matter of mins before they cut me off again. Would really appreciate it if someone out there can help.

  Goldcroft 13:22 26 Mar 2003

A long shot but have you got a phone plugged in anywhere in the house? I had the same problem, but not with freeserve, and it turned out that the Decor 210 BT phone I had bought made connection to the internet virtually impossible. I am still awaiting detailed findings from BT, but when I borrowed another handset the problem was cured.

If you try dialling the number from a normal phone what do you hear?

What number are you dialling Freeserve on?

  Paranoid Android 13:26 26 Mar 2003

This is difficult to diagnose without knowing your hardware setup. You could try forcing your modem to use V90 standard by inserting +MS=V90 into the modem initialisation string.

However this may not help - problems with poor connections are often down to the quality of the modem. Winmodems (software modems) in particular can cause this type of problem. They are OK if you have a srong, clean signal, but....

If all else fails, you may benefit from getting a good quality brand name hardware modem (modem with built in host signal processing). I recommend Hayes.


Do you have access to another ISP? If yes, do you have the same problem using them?

Have you tried calling the BT fault line on 151 and reporting this to them?

  Goldcroft 14:41 26 Mar 2003

Golden Eagle: perhaps worth a try as you say to call BT. But my experience was that the minute you mentioned that a computer/internet was involved they really didn't want to know. Warned me that if they came round and it was anything other than a line fault I would be liable for a large charge. There is however an automated line fault check on BT's tel no which one can use.

  canard 21:41 26 Mar 2003

My daughter had the same prob and went back to BT for a line check [after, like yourself] getting line vol turned up when it was discovered that she was on a shared line which supplied the row of houses and was practically prehistoric. At this point BT were very decent and gave her a nice new line quickly and it was a case of happy ever after. The point is that she had to go a second time to BT and be persistent.

  spuds 22:51 26 Mar 2003

BT offer a very good service, but at times they do need a prod.I find that if you are persistant they usually give better customer service.

  graham 14:35 27 Mar 2003

Try a line test on 151, it's only a basic test though. Then get an AOL disk and make an attempt to connect to their pay-as-you-go service. This should narrow things down. If you wish BT to investigate, as Goldcroft says, deny having a computer! Raise a fault as 'intermittent noisy and cutting off.

  graham 14:45 27 Mar 2003

As you've ticked 'resolved', may we ask what it was?

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