Freeserv Broadband - No Win98 disk

  Rogerthedog 15:18 18 Dec 2003

I have just received the kit to install Freeserve Broadband. As I am installing the modem (Alticam) or something like that) It asks me to install Win98 disk. Problem - I don't have one. I assume it's to install missing drivers for the file. Can't I download these from the net?? Freeserve helpline said no - I need the disk. Anybody think otherwise?

  Taran 15:37 18 Dec 2003

Some hardware device drivers require system file support from Windows files. These are obtained through the Windows installation CD ROM, normally in the CABS files.

You could run a search for CABS using Windows Find and see if they are on your hard drive. Some system builders put a copy of your Windows setup files in a folder on the hard drive, often in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs or similar.

But no, Freeserve are ot obliged to make sure that you have a Windows disk or its setup files. That's down to you as the owner of your PC to supply the relevant operating system software.

Good luck with it



  Gongoozler 15:40 18 Dec 2003

Hi Rogerthedog, often driver installations ask for the Windows 98 disk to be inserted so that a Windows file can be accessed. There is no way round this unless you know what file is being asked for. Often the box asking for the Windows disk tells you what file is needed. I'm sure that someone can lend you a Windows 98 disk to access this file.

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